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December 20, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

Linkedin: marketing strategy and 4 essential tools

Linkedin is the largest social network of professionals and businesses worldwide, allowing you to expand your business and for powerful networking, job search, job introduction, finding skilled workers, and advertising. This social network currently has more than 600 million active users, which sho...
instagram marketing
December 19, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

Instagram marketing: 11 strategy in a simple way

To know Instagram marketing and use Instagram marketing strategies, we must first know Instagram itself. So let’s look at the start of this social network and its statistics. Since the unveiling of Instagram in 2010, the world has faced a storm of changes in social networks. Most people from s...
youtube advetising
December 18, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

youtube advertising: types and cost

YouTube advertising is serious. Why? Out of the 7 billion population of the earth, 2.6 billion people use YouTube! So it means one-third of the world’s population. More than 122 million check YouTube daily. So it’s time to begin YouTube advertising! What is youtube advertising? Why is i...
social media marketing strategy | smart strategy
November 06, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

social media marketing strategy: 25 fantastic tricks

Do you need help getting your social media marketing strategy up and running? Do you know what social media marketing involves? Since the use of social media has increased significantly, many have looked at the social network as an advertising platform. But social media marketing  is challenging an...
influencer marketing | smart strategy
November 02, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

influencer marketing: 0 to 100 of getting started

Influencer marketing is a very effective method in digital advertising. In this method, brands collaborate with influential people or pages with many fans on social networks to promote their product or brand using the credibility of their opinions in the eyes of their audience. According to research...
how to create facebook ads | smart strategy
October 29, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

How to create Facebook ads? Account settings in 7 steps

How to create Facebook ads? As a social media manager, understanding how to create Facebook ads is essential to your marketing strategy. Facebook ads can improve your business’s social media presence without breaking the budget.  In this post from the smart strategy blog, we provide you with ...
types of facebook ads | smart strategy
October 29, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

What are the best types of Facebook ads?

What are the best types of Facebook ads? Facebook ads, like YouTube, Instagram, and Google Ads, are the most popular advertising methods in the world. Facebook ads are the fastest ways to reach new customers. In addition, accurate Facebook targeting allows you to reach your target audience and deliv...
social network advertising | smart strategy
October 25, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

7 best social network advertising platforms

Social network advertising has become an integral part of the activities of all companies and startups today. Until a few years ago, you could easily attract new customers and make a good income with a few daily posts on social networks. However, advertising has changed entirely in the modern world ...
LinkedIn or Facebook ads | smart strategy
March 02, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

LinkedIn or Facebook Ads: Which is Better for Your Business?

LinkedIn or Facebook Ads? LinkedIn and Facebook are two popular online advertising platforms. But do you know which one is right for your business? This blog post on smart strategy will look at LinkedIn’s or Facebook ads’ strengths and weaknesses for making informed decisions.   Li...