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Data Analytics

By Smart Strategy Data Analytics Services, Discover Potential Information From Your Online Customer Behaviour and Make Smart Decisions 

How we can help you with Data Analytics?

data visualization | Smart Strategy

Analytical dashboard

The top four significant technologies and strategic projects we provide are dashboards, reporting, end-user self-service, and advanced visualization.

What we do for clients:

  • A Data Analytics foundation that is adaptable to business needs
  • Future-proof architecture that can handle new data sources and potential uses;
  • Customized reporting solutions that provide business 
data scraping | Smart Strategy

Data scraping

We collect up-to-date market data, prices, stocks, research content, and web pages using multimedia files and data scraping to extract information.

What we do for clients:

  • Lead generation
  • Market research
  • insights analysis
data insight | Smart Strategy

Data analytics and forecasting

By constructing advanced Data Analytics systems, we help clients beat the competition through data management, machine learning, and data science.

  • Analyzing numerous data sources to gain insights
  • Developing programs based on the insights provided
data driven marketing | Smart Strategy

Data driven marketing

Data-driven marketing has reached a new level of development through Machine Learning and Data Forecasting. With such a vital instrument, a company can make every dollar spent on marketing pay for itself multiple times over.

  • Analyze consumer behavior in general
  • Analyze seasonal variations
  • Specific preferences of every visitor

what Smartstrategy provide in Data Analytics :

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Business intelligence, advanced data analytics tool:

Business intelligence combines critical business insight with a variety of analytical techniques to increase a company's production and efficiency. We provide our clients with a strategic and thoughtful approach to achieving their company objectives through the use of advanced Data Analytics tools.

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Predictive marketing data analytics:

Predictive analysis is a method of predicting future conditions and changes in business trends, markets, and firm performance. When it comes to critical business choices, we combine the latest technologies with our Data Analytics expertise to provide the most effective solutions based on a thorough understanding of our clients' consumers' demands and patterns of activity.

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Algorithm analysis implementation:

Big Data Analytics is a must-have for large corporations with sophisticated digital systems. Once you've got a good algorithm in place, your system can accomplish a lot of things. So, bring us your list of chores and requirements, and let our experts create a custom algorithm and logics for your organization based on advanced analytical methodologies to maximize your business's performance.

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Data analytics solutions and services:

This sort of Data Analytics entails working with databases and rationally organizing them in order to prevent malfunctions. SmartStrategy have previously accumulated practical expertise in diverse architecture systems construction analysis, as well as their further design, development, and implementation when it comes to business analysis.

Application of Data Analytics Across sciences

ecommerce | Smart Strategy


  • optimize ROI on specific campaigns
  • Customized recommendation systems and incentive programs
  • Warehouse optimization based on demand forecasts
healthcare | Smart Strategy


  • Analysis of clinical trial data
  • Improved monitoring and response to infectious diseases
  • Monitoring of medication compliance
finance | Smart Strategy


  • Real-time tracking of Finance crime
  • Development of new product/service based on past preferences
  • Customer clustering and profiling
education | Smart Strategy


  • Automatic evaluation of descriptive essays
  • Designing a learning module that adapts to the learner’s abilities
  • Analysis of factors influencing school and student failure

Why smart strategy in Data Analytics?

  •  Solution over services:

We offer not only consulting and development services, but also flexible solutions to a wide range of business issues.

  •  Technology provider:

We take a customized approach, so each client receives solutions that are tailored to their specific needs, goals, and visions.

  • Focus on details:

We believe that even the tiniest things should be considered in order to attain optimum quality and provide the finest possible result for our clients.

  • Security and safety policy:

Every piece of information received is protected since we respect the privacy of all of our clients. In addition, we are prepared to assist with the enhancement of your company’s security level.

  • Dedicated team:

Every member of our team aspires to be the greatest at what they do, and each project provides an opportunity to achieve so. For us, devotion isn’t just a word.

  • Permanent quality assistance:

We don’t consider our project work to be complete once we’ve completed it. No matter how long we’ve worked together, we’re always ready to help our clients.

Case Study In Data Analytics

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how is the process going in data analytics?

1)gathering and analysis of requirements

2) Building data collecting pipelines and analyzing existing data

3) deciding on the optimal training and experimenting with machine learning models

4) evaluation of the model's performance on a qualitative level

5) integrating the created model and data pipeline into the customer's processes

6) quality control in the manufacturing environment

7) monitoring and improving performance

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