Linkedin is the largest social network of professionals and businesses worldwide, allowing you to expand your business and for powerful networking, job search, job introduction, finding skilled workers, and advertising. This social network currently has more than 600 million active users, which shows its high capacity and potential. One of the positive and attractive features of LinkedIn is that many of the accounts created on this social network are real, and you can access real profiles of people and brands. Therefore, you can directly communicate with managers and specialists whom you may have to wait many days to meet during the year. This social network is one of the best B2B marketing platforms in the world, which helps us introduce our products and services to senior managers of various businesses. But the advertising capacities of this platform could be used better. So, In this article on Smart strategy, we will talk more about LinkedIn, LinkedIn marketing strategy, and tools.


How to expand our business with LinkedIn?

Being on LinkedIn has some rules; you can expand your business by following these principles. The better introduction and branding and the more robust networking you can have, the more you can boost your business activity. For this purpose, you should keep the following items in mind.

Have a professional and complete profile

Remember that you are among professionals, managers, and other businesses, so it is necessary to have a professional and accurate profile. LinkedIn is not a place where you can use fake photos or other images instead of your profile picture and a cover picture or operate under weird usernames.

Therefore, enter your business name correctly, create a unique page for your business, clearly say what field you operate in, write your website address and contact information, and include essential details.

linkedin profile


Learn the LinkedIn culture

Activity in any social network requires learning the culture of being there. So naturally, the culture of Twitter is different from that of LinkedIn, and therefore you should remember that LinkedIn should not become Instagram. Instead, use the context of this social network for marketing and advertising, continuous communication, producing engaging content, and networking so that you can be seen more and introduce your business to more managers and professionals.

Specify what field you are active in

Naturally, you want others to find you quickly. You want to be able to communicate with colleagues, managers, professionals, and other businesses in your field of activity. Therefore, the industry you work in should be listed so they can easily find you.

Work on strong networking

One of the goals of setting up LinkedIn has undoubtedly been networking, and as a result, the more time you can spend on this and expand your circle of connections, the more your business will grow and be exposed to more people.

Produce attractive and valuable content and stay up-to-date

LinkedIn is one of the best free platforms for publishing content and articles. Therefore, show yourself as a reliable source by producing engaging and practical content so that others can use your articles and materials. In addition, you should always be up-to-date and be able to cover the latest news related to your field of work, events related to your business, and information on new products and services.

Join specialized groups

Being a member of various groups, especially specialized groups, and being active in them will help you expand your business on LinkedIn. This will make many people see you and increase your brand awareness. At the same time, you can build more robust and better connections.

Remember to advertise on LinkedIn.

It is true! In addition to the Items we mentioned above, one of the items that help to expand your business is marketing on LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing and advertising have their principles, which we will discuss later, but it will be one of the most effective ways to develop your business.


What does LinkedIn Marketing mean?

LinkedIn Marketing is one of the subsets of social network marketing and digital marketing. LinkedIn Marketing uses LinkedIn to establish strong and continuous communication, generate leads, gain the audience’s trust and create value to achieve marketing goals and Defined sales.

Marketing and advertising are not limited to direct sales in today’s world. You must form your relationship with your audience by communicating, creating valuable content, and presenting your products and services.

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses

As we mentioned, LinkedIn is a social network for businesses, managers, and professionals with more than 600 million users. This social network has a lot of marketing and advertising capacity; you can communicate directly with the decision-making managers and expose your products and services to them.

In addition, because businesses and senior managers are present in this social network, you can understand their needs and requests and offer your products and services according to the customers’ wishes. 

LinkedIn can be one of the best available tools for research and investigation, information on the latest marketing trends, a detailed examination of competitors and monitoring their activities, market research, needs assessment, crisis management, and providing better customer service.


likedin for business


Introducing LinkedIn Marketing Changes

Although many people did not take LinkedIn marketing seriously until a few years ago, this platform is becoming a powerful advertising platform, and that is why it has surprised many. The administrators of this social network are trying to take LinkedIn advertising in a direction where more businesses can use it with their innovations. For this reason, LinkedIn marketing has undergone changes that we will mention below.

Creative advertising

Although the audience of our ads on LinkedIn is businesses and senior managers, it is not a reason not to go for creative and attractive methods in our ads. For this reason, you can use video ads, album ads, or content marketing in your marketing plan.

Data collection and analysis

These days, information and data and their analysis are crucial; Because by analyzing the behaviors and needs of your audience and checking the data related to different campaigns, you can meet their needs and have better campaigns in the future.

You can easily and quickly get data about your campaigns through a Reporting UI tool and plan for the future by analyzing the reports and data obtained.

Changing algorithms

Google algorithms, Instagram algorithms, and other social networks are constantly changing. They are moving towards producing valuable content for the audience and considering their interest, making valuable content, value creation, and the audience more important than ever. LinkedIn is no exception, and this social network strives to provide the best user experience and forces businesses to pay special attention to the needs of their audience on this social network.


How is marketing analysis done on LinkedIn?

After implementing various LinkedIn marketing plans, you should check whether your advertising campaigns were beneficial and whether you were able to achieve the specified goals and critical indicators. In addition, you must have a good marketing analysis and check various items such as brand awareness, consideration, or final decision.

You can use LinkedIn’s internal analytical tools to analyze your campaigns. Marketing analysis on LinkedIn is done as follows.

Checking the level of brand awareness: At this stage, you should check the number of audiences and connections formed, the number of content likes and sharing, and see how much you have seen.

Checking audience attention: After running your LinkedIn advertising program, you need to check how much attention your audience has received. As a result, one of the critical tasks is to direct users to your site or landing page by designing an attractive call to action (CTA). You can measure the amount of incoming traffic with the help of Google Analytics and through the Acquisition menu. In addition, in this section, you can click on Social and User Flow to see the users’ activity.

Checking the number of sales: Every campaign should eventually have a reasonable conversion rate and increase sales. As a result, by measuring the number of sales, you can measure the success rate of your LinkedIn marketing campaign.


What is the cost of marketing on LinkedIn?

Advertising plans on LinkedIn, like Facebook and other social networks, include a fee, which is relatively more expensive than other platforms. But in return, its effectiveness is good, it generates high-quality leads, and it has a reasonable conversion rate.

The lowest cost you should pay for advertising on LinkedIn is as follows:

  • $10 per campaign
  • $2 per cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and cost per post (CPS)
  • $10 per campaign per day


Why is LinkedIn marketing the best B2B marketing method?

When you, as a business, offer your products and services to other companies, you naturally have fewer customers than in B2C advertising. For this reason, sometimes you are not very open to spending or choosing different media.

For this reason, you can choose methods such as environmental advertising, written, SMS, or digital marketing. For this reason, marketing on LinkedIn works very well, and this social network is very effective for B2B marketing. The most important reason is that most senior managers and decision-makers are in real life with their profiles on LinkedIn, and you can send your message directly to them. In addition, the leads generated are of high quality, and the probability that they will become customers is very high.


Top 4 LinkedIn marketing tools for business development

1- SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of the most affordable LinkedIn marketing tools for your marketing and business development team. You can post on multiple social media sites like TikTok, Pinterest, Tumblr, VK, Facebook, and Instagram (direct posting). SocialPilot is designed to add value to social media teams of all sizes by optimizing marketing efforts.

Another reason why the popularity of SocialPilot is increasing is its reliable and fast support through email, chat, phone, and social networks for users. This LinkedIn tool is designed to help users expand the reach of any marketing campaign in a minimal time. In addition, it is affordable for any individual, agency, or company.

2- Expandi

Another LinkedIn marketing tool is Expandi to grow your contact list. It also automates responses. It helps manage campaigns and works with LinkedIn chat. Expandi has little risk of getting you banned. This app is designed to work with Sales Navigation and Recruiter Premium. In other words, Expandi is compatible with LinkedIn Premium Memberships. So LinkedIn is declining. As a bonus, Expandi helps you use campaign analytics and tracking. Messaging and interaction are something you still have to do yourself.

3- Alfred

Alfred is an automation LinkedIn marketing tool designed to simplify and improve the ease of use of LinkedIn. At the same time, Alfred helps you connect with others and find connections and clients. LinkedIn Alfred automation tool is unique Because it allows you to create multiple personalized messages. To be sent according to the responses of the people you contacted. Alfred also offers marketing optimization tools. So you can maximize your LinkedIn account. Effectively display and promote your company or brand on more than one social media platform. Alfred is designed to work with your LinkedIn, Twitter, and email. So ensure you reach as many people as possible and connect with potential users and connections.

4- Zopto

Zopto markets itself as the #1 LinkedIn automation tool. Zopto’s productivity tool focuses on providing a one-stop shop for your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Because it offers automation tools, it acts as a base for multiple users. Provides insight and statistics to review your marketing efforts. Easy integration with CRM systems and other sales tools ensures your system works for you. Zopto also offers cloud-based systems. Allows you to use sales tools. Connect with your professional network wherever you are.


LinkedIn is the largest social network for businesses and professionals, with a high potential for activity due to its communication, networking, marketing, advertising, and recruitment capacities. This platform also gradually offers various advertising programs, and this has caused marketing on LinkedIn to become more critical than in the past. As a result, many people go to it for their advertising programs, especially B2B marketing.

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