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return on investment
January 01, 2023 BlogMarketing 0 Comment

An ultimate guide to return on investment (ROI)

In trade and business, every person or organization that invests in any field expects a return on investment according to the amount of money they spend. For example, when a film production company produces a movie, in exchange for the cost it does, they expect a return on the expenses and even prof...
targeted advertising | Smart Strategy
October 01, 2022 BlogMarketing 0 Comment

Targeted advertising; types and benefits

Targeted advertising is one of the marketing methods to provide advertisements to customers that reflect their characteristics, interests, and buying behavior. Targeted advertising is usually done using customer data to segment audiences based on factors such as basic demographics, purchasing intere...
advertising trends in 2022
September 25, 2022 BlogMarketing 0 Comment

5 practical advertising trends in 2022

With the presence of the Corona Pandemic worldwide, the advertising industry faced a partial halt and experienced significant changes. The advertising industry has also changed with reducing the Corona pandemic and returning to everyday life. What are the changes in the advertising industry? What ar...