What are the best types of Facebook ads? Facebook ads, like YouTube, Instagram, and Google Ads, are the most popular advertising methods in the world. Facebook ads are the fastest ways to reach new customers. In addition, accurate Facebook targeting allows you to reach your target audience and deliver your message to those most likely to need your products or services.

Facebook ads are great for budget savings, conversion rates, and ROI. So, Before starting, it is better to know the types of Facebook ads. What are the targeting options? In this article on smart strategy blog, we will discuss about everything you need in different types of Facebook ads.


Different types of Facebook ads


Image ads

Image ads are the simplest type of Facebook ads. You can easily promote one of your Facebook page photos in image ads with a few clicks. For example, consider the ad below. You might think that you can’t think of a unique ad for socks, but the Happy Socks company has prepared a happy and exciting ad.

facebook image ads | smart strategy


Video ads


The video ad is another type of Facebook ad. Video ads can run on timelines and stories or appear as in-app ads on longer Facebook videos. Video ads can showcase your team or product well; check out this video version ad from We Are Knitters.

facebook video ads | smart strategy


In this type of Facebook ad, you can use graphic symbols such as GIFs or animations to draw attention or explain your offer.


Video poll ads

One of the ways to Facebook ads is video advertisement in the form of a banner. This type of Facebook ad is only possible in the mobile version. Your advertisement information and the video will appear as a banner on the page. This is one of the newest types of Facebook paid ads, but the company’s recent statistics show that this type of ad raises brand awareness more than regular video.

facebooh video poll ads | smart strategy


Carousel ads

Up to 10 images or videos in circular ads display your product or service. You can use this template to highlight the different benefits of a product, introduce additional products, or even split a panoramic image into several parts.


facebook Carousel ads |smart strategy


Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads offer an easy way to create short video ads from a collection of existing photos, text, or video clips. You can use stock photos in the ads management section if you don’t have your pictures. Slide ads are just as impressive and attractive as motion pictures, but the difference is that they are very lightweight, so they download well, even for people with internet problems. In addition, slideshow ads are an easy way to attract attention.


facebook Slideshow ads | smart strategy

Collection ads

In Collection ads, five products are shown to the customer simultaneously, and the buyer can click on one of them.

Collection ads are coordinated with Instant Experience ads (which we explain below). This possibility speeds up the online shopping process. Moreover, this type of Facebook ad is shown to the audience even when the internet is not good.

facebook Collection ads


Instant Experience ads

Instant Experience ads were called Canvas. These were full-page ads that were 15 times faster than other ads. Instant ads are the best types of Facebook ads.


facebook Instant Experience ads

Guide ads, Lead ads

Guide ads are designed for mobile because people can easily share their phone number information in the app. This feature is excellent for collecting data for newsletters, signing up for trial versions, and asking people for the needed information.


Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are designed to target people who are interested in your products or services. For example, suppose a person visited your page to buy or placed a product in their shopping cart but still needs to complete the purchase process. In that case, dynamic advertising will show them precisely the advertisement of the same effect on Facebook.


facebook Dynamic ads


This can be one of the best marketing strategies on Facebook because it reminds the customer of the purchase process of that product.


Messenger ads

In Messenger ads, Facebook connects you to millions of people who use this Messenger every month. So when you create your ad, choose Messenger as the place to display the ad.


facebook Messenger ads


In this example, you will see how ads are displayed in Messenger.

You can also use the “click-to-Messenger” advertising option in your timeline. This new ad places a button that the user clicks on to connect to your Messenger and can ask you questions.


Stories ads

The research concluded that 70% of people need to turn their phones to see the full page of the advertisement. Advertisements in the story allow the full-screen capacity to be used, and there is no need to rotate the phone to see the ad. These ads are efficient, and Facebook has acknowledged that most people are attracted to in-story ads.


facebook Stories ads

Augmented reality ads.

Augmented reality ads are equipped with features such as animations and filters. This type of Facebook ad makes people connect with your brand more. This Facebook ad is very new but has received high feedback.


Playable ads

One of the best ways to do Facebook ads is to advertise in stories through games. This is also a new advertising format. In this type of advertisement, you design a game for your audience. These games encourage people to interact with you and your brand content.


facebook Playable ads

conclusion on types of Facebook ads

In this article on smart strategy we speak about different types of Facebook ads with examples.

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