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ppc advertising trends 2023
March 01, 2023 BlogPPC 0 Comment

9 certain PPC advertising trends in 2023

PPC trends are predicted every year by researchers and advertising agency prominent. At the beginning of 2023, these trends were expected as usual.  With the increasing development of Artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT, and its dominance over technological industries, the PPC advertising t...
return on investment
January 01, 2023 BlogMarketing 0 Comment

An ultimate guide to return on investment (ROI)

In trade and business, every person or organization that invests in any field expects a return on investment according to the amount of money they spend. For example, when a film production company produces a movie, in exchange for the cost it does, they expect a return on the expenses and even prof...
content marketing tools
December 31, 2022 Blogcontent marketing 0 Comment

16 essential content marketing tools

Content marketing tools are softwares for creating, managing, and publishing content in your marketing channels to achieve your goals. But which of them is better and more practical? This article on smart strategy introduces some content creation and content marketing tools. In addition, these tools...
bounce rate
December 30, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is the bounce rate? 9 definite methods to reduce it

Bounce rate is a critical factor in evaluating the amount of interaction that the user has with your landing pages. This factor in Google Analytics shows the percentage of users who entered a website and left without any interaction with the total number of users who visited that page. In simpler te...
landing page design
December 28, 2022 Blogweb design 0 Comment

Landing page design: 14 critical principles

The landing page is the gateway to your site. Landing pages are the first point of contact for internet users with your brand, and a proper design can multiply the effectiveness of your marketing activities. A landing page is a place that can make the difference between getting zero to thousands of ...
seo tools
December 26, 2022 Blog 0 Comment

9 Essential SEO tools for better ranking

Despite the tight competition that exists to be in the first 3 results of Google, preparing a website containing valuable and helpful information that can encourage the audience to click and buy is a difficult task. Generating valuable content is only the beginning. To compete with the most prominen...
Content Marketing
December 21, 2022 Blogcontent marketing 0 Comment

Content marketing: types, steps, and tools

Content marketing has changed the world of blogging and content creation. We all remember blogs from years ago with the advent of blogging systems. Today, however, this blogging has gone beyond a person’s writings and memories, and most businesses have turned to content marketing. When we shar...
December 20, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

Linkedin: marketing strategy and 4 essential tools

Linkedin is the largest social network of professionals and businesses worldwide, allowing you to expand your business and for powerful networking, job search, job introduction, finding skilled workers, and advertising. This social network currently has more than 600 million active users, which sho...
instagram marketing
December 19, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

Instagram marketing: 11 strategy in a simple way

To know Instagram marketing and use Instagram marketing strategies, we must first know Instagram itself. So let’s look at the start of this social network and its statistics. Since the unveiling of Instagram in 2010, the world has faced a storm of changes in social networks. Most people from s...
youtube advetising
December 18, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

youtube advertising: types and cost

YouTube advertising is serious. Why? Out of the 7 billion population of the earth, 2.6 billion people use YouTube! So it means one-third of the world’s population. More than 122 million check YouTube daily. So it’s time to begin YouTube advertising! What is youtube advertising? Why is i...
keyword ranking
December 18, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Keyword ranking: Tips and checking tools

Keyword ranking in Google is a critical factor in better visibility of your business. With the boom of companies in the digital market, the competition in this field has become more complex. Over time, businesses realized that to succeed online and be seen by customers, they need to improve their si...
website traffic
December 07, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

website traffic: 5 magically Methods to increase it

Increasing website traffic is the primary goal of all managers, webmasters, and digital marketers, and they spend all their efforts on increasing that. But what is website traffic, and what are the best ways to improve that? When you’re launching a website for the first time (or just starting ...
breadcrumbs navigation
December 01, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is breadcrumbs navigation? 10 practical tips

Breadcrumbs are a type of navigation route on websites that significantly impact SEO, and Google attaches great importance to them. For example, it may have happened that you have no information about the navigated path after entering a site and reading the contents and numerous pages. A Breadcrumb ...
on page seo
November 28, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

what is on page SEO? principles & checklist

On page SEO includes all the principles we do inside the site to achieve better results in search engines and increase site traffic, and is directly related to the density of keywords and metatags. The article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” introduces on-page SEO. Conti...
duplicate content
November 26, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Duplicate content, reasons, and solutions to fix it

First of all, I should say that there is no duplicate content penalty. You will not receive any message from Search Console that you have duplicate content. But having duplicate content creates problems for your website and SEO. I will give you an example: when you are shown completely identical con...
snippet | smart strategy
November 22, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is snippet and How to use that?

The snippet in computer programming is a part of the text or programming code with re-usability. Usually, snippets are added to larger programming modules in the form of small operational units, and they are used to facilitate programming and commonly used actions. In the Google search engine refers...
seo (search engine optimization)
November 16, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

82 facts about SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

When we are looking for something, the first option is searching in Google. For example, if you want to order a pizza, you first search for the restaurant, and sometimes you may add the name of your neighborhood at the end of the world. Now the question is, how is the restaurant ranking first in [&h...
keyword research - smart strategy
November 15, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

An ultimate guide to keyword research

The competitive content creation market is so hot these days; Businesses are looking to attract more customers, and one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve this goal is to work on website content. The starting point of all digital marketing campaigns is using keyword research services. The pu...
featured snippets
November 12, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

featured snippets: 6 unique methods to use it

What are the featured snippets? If you’re a regular Google user, you’ve probably noticed that the information displayed on SERPs constantly evolves to meet Google’s mission of “organizing the world’s information and making it widely accessible and useful.” As a re...
backlinks | smart strategy
November 09, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What are backlinks? 5 rich sources of backlink

When a website links to another website, a backlink is created. A backlink is also called an inbound link because it causes people to “enter” our site. An external link is another title of a backlink. This name is because users are directed “outside” of the website where they...
social media marketing strategy | smart strategy
November 06, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

social media marketing strategy: 25 fantastic tricks

Do you need help getting your social media marketing strategy up and running? Do you know what social media marketing involves? Since the use of social media has increased significantly, many have looked at the social network as an advertising platform. But social media marketing  is challenging an...
influencer marketing | smart strategy
November 02, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

influencer marketing: 0 to 100 of getting started

Influencer marketing is a very effective method in digital advertising. In this method, brands collaborate with influential people or pages with many fans on social networks to promote their product or brand using the credibility of their opinions in the eyes of their audience. According to research...
AI in marketing | smart strategy
November 01, 2022 Blogartificial intelligence 0 Comment

AI Marketing: definition and applications

Many companies, especially their marketing department, have considered artificial intelligence a viable solution to improve and enhance their customers’ user experience. By using AI in marketing, marketers can completely understand their target audience. Understanding the customer will improve...
how to create facebook ads | smart strategy
October 29, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

How to create Facebook ads? Account settings in 7 steps

How to create Facebook ads? As a social media manager, understanding how to create Facebook ads is essential to your marketing strategy. Facebook ads can improve your business’s social media presence without breaking the budget.  In this post from the smart strategy blog, we provide you with ...
types of facebook ads | smart strategy
October 29, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

What are the best types of Facebook ads?

What are the best types of Facebook ads? Facebook ads, like YouTube, Instagram, and Google Ads, are the most popular advertising methods in the world. Facebook ads are the fastest ways to reach new customers. In addition, accurate Facebook targeting allows you to reach your target audience and deliv...
social network advertising | smart strategy
October 25, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

7 best social network advertising platforms

Social network advertising has become an integral part of the activities of all companies and startups today. Until a few years ago, you could easily attract new customers and make a good income with a few daily posts on social networks. However, advertising has changed entirely in the modern world ...
Best Advertising Platforms
October 23, 2022 Blogonline advertising 0 Comment

10 Best Advertising Platforms In The World

Today, digital marketing has replaced old marketing methods and brings many benefits to businesses at an affordable cost. Click advertising are effective and relatively low-cost strategy in digital marketing. However, you need to find the right platform for your business to get the best results from...
adwords management | smart strategy
October 22, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

AdWords Management: An Ultimate Guide to use it effectively

AdWords management is the process through which Google ads campaigns are created and optimized to get the most efficiency and ROI. In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” we introduce AdWords Management. In this article on the smart strategy blog, we provid...
ppc vs cpc | smart strategy
October 20, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

What is the difference between PPC vs CPC?

PPC vs CPC? If you are new to the world of Click Ads, you may come across many confusing metrics. Two metrics that marketers use more are PPC and CPC. These words mean pay per click (PPC) and cost per click (CPC). A quick answer to the above question can be enough, but it can […]...
seo technical audit | smart strategy
October 19, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Ultimate guide to SEO technical audit – full checklist

You may have the best possible website with the best content, But if your technical SEO is not suitable, this valuable content will never reach the proper rank and position. At the most basic level, search engines, including Google and others, must be able to find, crawl, render, and eventually ind...
AMP | Smart Strategy
October 10, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is AMP? how does it work?

Today, one of the biggest challenges facing online advertising companies is mobile users. Customers increasingly use mobile to communicate, research, and view online content. They are becoming more intelligent, educated, and less patient with slow pages and ads. In this situation, a few seconds can...
principles of native ads | smart strategy
October 09, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

8 principles of native ads – do’s and don’ts

The previous article in the Smart Strategy blog introduced native ads and 7 Steps To Creating Successful Native Ads campaign. Familiarity with the principles of native ads is essential to create a successful campaign, which we will explain in this article on the smart strategy blog. Use the followin...
October 06, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

7 steps on how to Create native ads

Evidence shows that traditional forms of advertising are not as effective as they used to be. Most people find native ads more reliable and attractive than traditional ads and pay more attention to the content of native ads. So you get more clicks and sales from native ads compared to other ad form...
utm link | smart strategy
October 05, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is a UTM link and how to create it?

Successful marketers use many tools to track and measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns; the UTM link or Urchin Tracking Module is one of these tools that marketers use today to follow a digital campaign. In this article on the Smart Strategy blog, we would like to explain th...
targeted advertising | Smart Strategy
October 01, 2022 BlogMarketing 0 Comment

Targeted advertising; types and benefits

Targeted advertising is one of the marketing methods to provide advertisements to customers that reflect their characteristics, interests, and buying behavior. Targeted advertising is usually done using customer data to segment audiences based on factors such as basic demographics, purchasing intere...
Lead Nurturing | Smart Strategy
September 30, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

7 amazing and effective tricks in Lead Nurturing

Since companies choose inbound marketing to generate more leads, the importance of a practical information nurturing strategy becomes more apparent. In most cases, only a tiny percentage of your incoming leads are ready to buy immediately, and nearly 90% of incoming leads do not lead to a purchase. ...
click advertising campaign | Smart Strategy
September 29, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

A complete guide to designing a click advertising campaign

With the expansion of the digital space and the acceptance of internet businesses, many solutions have been created to attract users and increase the number of site visits; one of the most effective methods is the design of a click advertising campaign. Internet businesses and sites need to be seen ...
artificial intelligence and online advertising | Smart Strategy
September 28, 2022 Blogonline advertising 0 Comment

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Online Advertising

How does artificial intelligence affect online advertising, and what developments have the digital marketing world made with this technology? We will address this central question and several frequently asked questions in this article. However, before discussing the effects of artificial intelligenc...
advertising trends in 2022
September 25, 2022 BlogMarketing 0 Comment

5 practical advertising trends in 2022

With the presence of the Corona Pandemic worldwide, the advertising industry faced a partial halt and experienced significant changes. The advertising industry has also changed with reducing the Corona pandemic and returning to everyday life. What are the changes in the advertising industry? What ar...
applications of AI in marketing
September 24, 2022 Blogonline advertising 0 Comment

6 new Applications of AI in marketing and advertising

The applications of AI in marketing and advertising are vast and diverse. These applications play an important role in the artificial intelligence-based market.This article on the smart strategy blog will discuss the six critical uses and applications of AI in marketing and advertising. What are the...
push notification advertising | smart strategy
September 22, 2022 Blogonline advertising 0 Comment

15 effective types of push notification advertising

Push notification advertising is a kind of online advertising sent directly to the intended user’s digital device, so they don’t necessarily compete for space on the publisher’s website. Due to their nature, push notification ads often have a good share of click-through rates (CTR)...
performance marketing
September 21, 2022 BlogOptimization 0 Comment

performance marketing: 4 creative tactics for improving

Performance marketers are constantly thinking of ways to optimize their advertising campaigns. But sometimes, in experiments and analyzes, a primary element that is ignored is creativity. So here are some creative ways to improve campaign performance. These methods are based on decades of experience...
native ads
September 20, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

Native Ads or Google Ads? Which one is more effective?

Online businesses need advertising in different spaces to be seen, attract customers and succeed in online competition. But maybe you have entered a site, faced many annoying ads, and left the site without taking any particular action. Native Ads is a kind of advertising that makes it possible to di...
online advertiing headline | smart strategy
September 19, 2022 Blogonline advertising 0 Comment

15 attractive online advertising headlines

Writing an online advertising headlines requires a series of tactics and creativity to convince the audience to read the content and click on the advertisement in the best possible way. If your headline fails to do this, practically everything you’ve done will be for naught. So, how do you wri...
mobile first index algorithm
September 18, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Mobile First Index: Google’s priority for ranking

Mobile First Index means that Google’s priority for ranking sites is the mobile version, and the second priority is the desktop. In the past, when users searched the Internet, the desktop version of your site was Google’s leading benchmark for ranking. But with the advent of mobile phone...
online advertising optimization
August 19, 2022 Blogonline advertising 0 Comment

5 amazing online advertising optimization strategies

What does online advertising optimization or PPC optimization mean? How can we get the most out of our click ads? Online advertising can help you rank higher in search results for the keywords that matter most to your business. One of the best things about this strategy is that it takes no time to...
online advertising
August 17, 2022 Blogonline advertising 0 Comment

The greate impacts of online advertising on SEO

There are different opinions about the relationship between SEO and online advertising. Therefore, to better understand the relationship between advertising and SEO, it is crucial to examine this point. On the one hand, it is in the interest of Google to provide users with engaging content. On the o...
google discover
August 15, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is Google Discover? How to SEO content for that!

Google Discover is a valuable tool that can help you significantly increase your website traffic. Google Discover was introduced on September 24, 2018, as an updated version of Google Feed (which was replaced by Discover a year after its introduction). Google decided to rename the Google Feed featur...
page layout algorithm
August 12, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google Page Layout Algorithm: 1 easy way to satisfy users

Google first published the Page layout algorithm in 2012. Although several years have passed since the release of this algorithm, many users still ask questions about this algorithm. In this article on the smart strategy blog, we have carefully examined this algorithm and its changes in recent years...
Sitewide link
August 10, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Sitewide links: The best and most natural way to get

Since the introduction of the  Penguin algorithm, google has classified links based on their usefulness or spam into different categories. Hence, the backlinks in the link farm, buying backlinks, exchanged backlinks, the backlink in the Private Blog Network, and now the sitewide backlink- were pla...
google dance keypoint
August 02, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google dance keypoints: how to use google dance algorithm?

In past articles, we have explained the Google Dance algorithm and its related topics, like: What Is Google Dance Algorithm Or Google Dance? How Did Google Dance Algorithm Come About? The Impact Of Google Dance On Startup Sites and so on. In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine...
Dofollow, Nofollow, Sponsored and UGC links | smart strategy
July 16, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Dofollow, Nofollow, Sponsored and UGC links effects on SEO

You have different choices when you are planning to link to a site. In the first step of external SEO, you can choose whether your link transfers the credit of your site to the destination site or not. Recently, Google has provided web admins with the possibility to add more details to links, whethe...
seed keyword
July 15, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What are seed keywords? The are of nurturing keywords

Maybe every time you start a new SEO project, you have to face the dilemma of where to begin your work. Especially when the field of work is unique to you, this problem becomes more serious; Because you are not yet familiar with the terms and issues of the new area, nor do you have […]...
Google Disavow link tool
July 14, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Complete Guide on How to Disavow links

Types of backlinks, including Dofollow, Nofollow, Sponsored, and UGC links, help your site receive more credit and get a better position in Google results. But if you do link building incorrectly and send spam and low-quality links to your site, you have made a big mistake. After that, you should tr...
google pigeon algorithm
July 13, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google pigeon algorithm: how to improve local SEO?

As you know, Google uses different algorithms for different reasons. The main goal of these algorithms is to provide the best possible result to the users and to reach the desired result in the shortest possible time. For example, one of Google’s algorithms is the pigeon algorithm, which creat...
passage indexing algorithm
July 12, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

How Passage Indexing algorithm jumps ranking?

Google Passage Indexing algorithm is also known by other names such as Passage Ranking. The main goal of launching this algorithm is to deliver the best-desired result to the user in the shortest possible time. In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” we int...
website speed
July 11, 2022 BlogOptimization 0 Comment

8 practical techniques for optimizing site speed

About a decade ago, Google announced that site speed affects web search rankings. Although this post did not clarify the impact of rate on orders, website managers reading this notice understand that website speed optimization should be at the top of their development plans. In addition to the benef...
July 10, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is schema? 14 optimal places to use it

Schema markup is the behind-the-scenes code on your site. Humans will never see it. Read this article on the smart strategy blog for more information. What is schema? Search engine bots aren’t that smart. They cannot read and understand your content like those who read your posts. For example,...
ssl certificate
July 09, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

8 reasons Why you Need SSL Certificates

In many cases, business owners and organizations take their website security for granted and then pay a high price for their negligence. You may lose your private information or business data if your websites lack a vital SSL certificate. Unfortunately, business owners are unaware of website securit...
google BERT algorithm
July 08, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google BERT algorithm, the power of AI in SEO

BERT algorithm stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers! When you thought that internet search was perfect and couldn’t get any better, Google started designing and releasing its most significant and brightest algorithm in the last five years. This algorithm, known as...
google mum algorithm
July 07, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google MUM: From Definition To Applications

Understanding natural language for search engines is a complex task, but thanks to Google’s continued investment in artificial intelligence, it has reached a whole new level. In 2021, Google introduced a new Multitask United Model or google MUM. According to the google MUM update, Google has r...
content freshness algorithm
June 23, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Content Freshness algorithm, missing piece in SEO puzzle

Link building techniques and keyword planning, Panda algorithm, Penguin algorithm, and … are some topics our ears are used to hearing, but among these missing pieces, some are much harder to find! Unfortunately, Google’s Freshness algorithm is one of the missing pieces of the SEO puzzle ...
sandbox algorithm
June 22, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google Sandbox Algorithm: How to get rid of newcomers zoom

Google sandbox, like a filter, separates new sites from other sites. As you know, Google’s ultimate goal is to provide valuable content for users, and the concept of google sandbox is one of Google’s tools to achieve this goal. But how? To clarify the idea of google sandbox, we ask you a...
google panda algorithm
June 21, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google Panda algorithm

What is the Panda Algorithm? Complete tips for the Google Panda algorithm! Panda is the official name of Google’s algorithm created to combat short, low-quality content. This algorithm reduces the chances of displaying poor quality, fast and worthless content in search results and gives qualit...
google penguin algorithm | smart strategy
June 20, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google Penguin Algorithm

In 2012, Google unveiled its new anti-spam algorithm. The primary purpose of this algorithm was to fight against abnormal link building or spam. The new algorithm later became known as the Penguin Algorithm due to a tweet from Matt Cutts. Although Google has officially confirmed the name, the philos...
meta tags smart strategy
June 19, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Meta Tags: The 8 important ones understandable for Google

Meta tags are an excellent tool for you to introduce your site pages to search engines. In a part of its guide, Google has introduced understandable meta tags for itself and explained the use of each of them. Each of these tags can have a different use. For example, some are used to better introduce...
meta description tag
June 18, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is a meta description? 5 Tips in SEO Meta Description

Among meta tags, meta descriptions are critical. The meta description tag provides a summary of the site content and is used for better identification by search engines. In the past, meta descriptions played an essential role in your ranking in search engine results. However, Google has stated that ...
buying backlink smart strategy
June 17, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

buying backlinks: The most harmful decision can make for SEO

Buy backlinks. Is it the right decision? Although webmasters know about the positives of link building, including Dofollow, Nofollow, Sponsored and UGC links, they are also aware of the negative impact of buying backlinks on SEO and getting a lot of inappropriate links. One of the common questions t...
paraphrasing algorithm
June 16, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Paraphrasing algorithm: how google recognize valuable content

Google recently unveiled research to design a new algorithm. Google’s Paraphrasing algorithm can examine the content of multiple web pages and produce a recent, dedicated article based on them. So far, we have introduced several Google algorithms, such as Google Dance and Rank Brain, in other ...
CTR effects on SEO
June 15, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is CTR and how does it affect SEO?

If you want to keep up with Google’s new algorithms and updates, strengthen your SEO and get a better position than your competitors, you should pay special attention to the CTR or click-through rate of users in Google results. In previous articles, we mentioned the Rank Brain algorithm and it...
seo consulting | smart strategy
June 02, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Which SEO consulting team should we choose for business?

As you know, SEO is a long process, and the results can not be seen in the first days and weeks. For this reason, when selecting a set for the SEO consulting department or even in the early months of the selected team, it is impossible to quickly be informed of the proper functioning of […]...
seo consulting team | smart stratgy
June 01, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

SEO consulting and its most important parts

SEO Consulting discussions are some of the hottest topics for businesses. If you plan to expand your business, you will likely encounter digital marketing and SEO. SEO is one of the essential tools to achieve business goals, but what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and cannot be c...
successful seo projects | smart strategy
May 31, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

SEO Projects: 10 critical Reasons to be Successful

SEO projects are the central part of the company’s digital marketing activities. However, you should know that SEO projects fail for various reasons. In some cases, even though the digital marketing service provider does all the necessary work properly, the ROI will not reach the desired numbe...
long tail keyword | smart strategy
May 30, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Long tail keywords: 8 effective methofd to find

What are long tail keywords? As we speak in the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)“,  you must have realized the importance of keyword research and using longtail keywords in the text. Unfortunately, long tail keywords have little search and competition. Also...
SEO kpi | smart strategy
May 27, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

SEO KPI: How to measure and evaluate SEO performance

All site activities are to improve the site ranking in Google SERP. To ensure the correctness of our SEO performance, we need a series of SEO KPIs. In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” we introduce SEO KPI. we will dive deep into essential SEO KPIs in th...
crawl budget | smart strategy
May 26, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is a crawl budget and why it is essential for SEO?

In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” we introduce crawling. This article on the smart strategy blog discusses what a crawl budget is, the importance of a crawl budget for SEO, and how to increase it. So join us at the end of the article. What is a Crawl...
seo friendly paragraph | smart strategy
May 25, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

SEO friendly content: 8 useful methods to write

When it comes to writing SEO friendly content, you are using several paragraphs! So you might think writing each section is simple and has no specific principles. However, to write each section, you must follow its regulations and rules to optimize it. Therefore, it is essential to follow the princi...
google dance algorithm | smart strategy
May 24, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Google Dance algorithm: how to have better rank in SERP

You may have launched a new website and noticed that your page rank in Google has changed significantly. Of course, this is a concern at first, but there is nothing to worry about! Google has created an algorithm called Google Dance to see how satisfied users are with your content. With the Google D...
external SEO | smart strategy
May 23, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

10 Effective techniques in improving external SEO

To get the top ranking in Google results, you must do various activities, including a wide range of external and internal SEO. In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” we introduce external SEO. This article from the Smart Strategy blog lists essential exter...
ppc advertising | smart strategy
May 20, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

PPC advertising: 8 Steps to Increase the Productivity of earning

With the definitions of PPC advertising presented in the previous article, it is clear that implementing a PPC advertising campaign is almost simple and can be done in a short time. But it is essential to know that rushing and taking action without awareness will not only waste your time and money b...
methods of qualitative data analysis | smart strategy
May 19, 2022 BlogData Analytics 0 Comment

Complete guidance on methods of qualitative data analysis

Methods of qualitative data analysis are the key to successful qualitative research. Qualitative research is essential because it answers research questions and enables a deeper understanding of experiences, phenomena, and contexts. However, in many very complex studies, the quantitative research de...
rank brain algorithm | smart strategy
May 18, 2022 Bloggoogle algorithm 0 Comment

Rank Brain algorithm: How AI helps to satisfy users

Rank Brain algorithm is one of the newest algorithms used by Google, which has dramatically reduced the impacts of black and gray SEO scammers from SEO scoring. If you have little information about this algorithm, Stay with the smart strategy blog to get acquainted with it in simple and fluent langu...
internal seo with wikipedia
May 17, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Internal SEO with Wikipedia: 4 essential steps to use

Internal SEO with Wikipedia uses this rich content source to develop your SEO. Whether you are planning to produce content or create a keyword strategy, one of the most important things you need to do is get to know more people who deeply understand your topic or have serious questions about it. In ...
external seo with wikipedia
May 16, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

Awesome method to boost external SEO with Wikipedia

  Wikipedia is a popular encyclopedia that has the potential to boost your site’s SEO and get much better rankings in search results. In this article on the smart strategy blog, you will get acquainted with the methods of strengthening external SEO with Wikipedia.   Why is Wikipedia ...
instagram algorithm 2022
May 13, 2022 BlogSMO 0 Comment

How will the instagram algorithm work in 2022?

This article will share how the Instagram algorithm works in 2022 for posts, stories, explorers, etc. Also, our tips will help you interact more with your business or brand on overall social networks.   The Instagram algorithm in 2022 If you have spent time researching Instagram strategy, you h...
seo mistakes
May 12, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

8 Dangerous SEO Mistakes for new Businesses

There is always the possibility of SEO mistakes for any business. These mistakes can be unintentional or happen due to the repeated negligence of web admins. If you are aware of these events and errors and can manage them with your knowledge and experience, there is no need to worry. However, to gai...
seo campaign | smart strategy
May 11, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

What is an SEO campaign? 9 steps to boost your SEO

A consistent plan and continuity is the only way to succeed in any endeavor. You need specialized planning and continuity to have a better position in Google. By preparing an SEO campaign, you can determine the path to success of a site and know what to do and when. In this article on a smart [&hell...
site optimization | smart strategy
May 10, 2022 BlogSEO 0 Comment

15 golden keys for site optimization (SEO)

SEO or site optimization determines the ranking and position of your site in search results. It does not matter what kind of site you have, whether you are in charge of a large office site or a small store site. A successful SEO strategy will help you get more online traffic, more customers, and thu...
pay per click advertising
May 09, 2022 BlogPPC 0 Comment

What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per click advertising is a practical way to develop online businesses. In this article on the smart strategy blog, we intend to introduce, describe and review this type of marketing and explain the ways and methods of earning money through it.   Definition of Pay Per Click advertising? By a...
qualitative data analysis | smart strategy
May 01, 2022 BlogData Analytics 0 Comment

Comprehensive introduction of qualitative data analysis

quantitative and qualitative research activities in knowledge-based and developed societies have become permanent and continuous. Variety in research methods requires a new approach to qualitative data analysis. The use of qualitative data analysis, along with other ways, is a new movement in the fi...
LinkedIn or Facebook ads | smart strategy
March 02, 2022 BlogSMM 0 Comment

LinkedIn or Facebook Ads: Which is Better for Your Business?

LinkedIn or Facebook Ads? LinkedIn and Facebook are two popular online advertising platforms. But do you know which one is right for your business? This blog post on smart strategy will look at LinkedIn’s or Facebook ads’ strengths and weaknesses for making informed decisions.   Li...
Tools to evaluate Brand Awareness | smart strategy
February 28, 2022 BlogBranding 0 Comment

Brand Awareness: 8 powerfull tools to Evaluate

As you know, if people don’t be aware of your product or service, they can’t buy it! Therefore, showing your product and services to the right audience is essential to achieve desired results. This is called brand awareness in the marketing literature. As a business owner, knowing your c...
types of Social Media Content | smart strategy
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The Top 12 Types of Social Media Content to Create

Social media content is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. It can be used to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and create a connection with your audience. However, to create successful social media content, you need to understand the different types of social media content a...
what is seo
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What is SEO? The vital role of search engines

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is getting web pages to rank higher in search engines. Search Engine Optimization comes from the words ‘Search Engine’ and ‘Optimization,’ that SEO itself means optimizing or im...
Common Mistakes In Paid Advertising
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5 Common Mistakes In Paid Advertising That You Should Avoid

In this article, we want to review some common mistakes in Paid Advertising or Online Advertising. Hopefully, this will help you to avoid the same mistakes in your online advertising strategies.  What online advertising has to offer is well-known. Advertisers are constantly trying to find new, inno...
Smart Strategy Online Advertising | smart strategy
December 25, 2021 BlogPPC 1 Comment

Paid Advertising: What You Need to Know

Paid advertising is the act of paying for exposure, clicks, or conversions on an online platform. This can be done through social media, search engines, and other paid means to get the word out about your product or service. Online paid marketing offers many advantages over traditional forms of mark...
Pay Per Click Smart Strategy
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Pay-Per-Click: The Ultimate Guide to PPC Marketing

In the world of business, advertising is one of the most important and beneficial, which helps to gain more customers and helps a business run effectively in the market. Parallelly, the importance of online advertising is rising day by day, and there are different forms of it. PPC is an abbreviation...
digital composite of coffee with laptop and SEO graphics
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SEO management report: 2 beneficial types for managers

SEO management report has important details from an employer’s point of view. In this article on the smart strategy blog, we will examine it for having the best possible results. So join us at the end of the article.   What is SEO Management Report? Examining information on social network...
Email Marketing Platforms
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Top 7 Email Marketing Platforms essential for Businesses

Email marketing platforms help businesses of all sizes enhance customer relations and satisfaction. As you know,   Email marketing is among the most efficient marketing tools bound to provide something in return. However, if companies want to tap into the true power of email marketing, you need to...
Google Ads pricing strategies
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2 Significant Google Ads pricing strategies

Digital marketing is a complex process; you need to get enough information about how Google Ads pricing strategies work alongside advertising. This article on smart strategy discusses the most helpful elements for a better understanding of how these strategies work in Google advertising campaigns. &...
Benefits of Digital Marketing
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Top 13 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Business

In this time of digital era, growing a business through the means of traditional marketing will not be an effective way. The advancement of technologies and the Internet have provided us with various forms of promoting our brand and business internationally.  Companies of all sizes need a marketing...
Digital Branding
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Everything about Digital Branding

Nowadays, the internet is a necessity of daily life and plays a vital role in the growth of all businesses. People of all age groups spend more of their time online than offline. Therefore, if you own a brand, it must have a digital presence. Find better digital branding management principles and ap...
effective digital marketing strategies
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What are the most effective digital marketing strategies?

According to a study, there are almost over 4 billion Internet users worldwide. Therefore, as a marketer, you should take full advantage of the digital world to grow your business. With digital marketing, making a brand famous and providing a great customer experience is simple. Furthermore, if you ...
How do I choose a digital marketing agency
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How Do I Choose A Digital Marketing Agency?

The incorporation of digital technologies has helped businesses in their growth and marketing strategy to a great extent. Its impact is seen across the world and essentially drives business value. With the internet and technology development, Digital Marketing has become the most essential and popul...
Smart Strategy Digital Marketing Services
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What are the Top Digital Marketing Services?

Accurate knowledge of digital marketing is vital to understand digital marketing services better and move further. Marketing is the action of trading products. If these actions can be made through social media, SEO, emails, or other digital sources, it’s digital marketing.   Digital marketin...
Online branding strategy
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4 Online Branding Techniques For Your Business

Let’s start with the intense reality; your brand can never strongly follow the national & international market without online Branding. Every company or organization requires fame. So, it is true that a trustworthy reputation is a fundamental technique for doing good business. The company&...
Planning an effective digital marketing plan
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How to make an effective digital marketing plan?

With the advent of the internet into our daily life, a significant change has happened in global business strategies. According to a study published by Forbes, a major part of the world population has internet access. It leads to the integration of technology advancements into all areas of business....
Importance of web analytics
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Importance of Web Analytics on Business Decision Making

Have you ever wondering why web analytics is important? You’ve got your website up online – a blog, sales page, landing page, corporate site, etc. – there on the Internet just waiting for all those visitors! Working hard getting the layout and branding just right, and it looks great. Y...