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Infographics are visual and expressive information. Visual communications get a large percentage of attention and make your content production effective. There are various methods for visual communication, such as video marketing, animation marketing, and image processing, which greatly value Google search engines. We should always use a technique to convey concepts to the audience quickly and easily.
Infographics are an effective tool for this purpose. When you design an article attractively, the audience and the user will share it, and its link will go viral. From the SEO point of view, infographics are still one of the most effective ways to build backlinks. You can create backlinks for your website by sharing infographic images with your contacts on social networks and other websites.

The most critical reason audiences are interested in infographics is that the amount of information and data on the Internet has significantly increased. Users want to improve their knowledge but are not eager to read long extensive content. Therefore, photographs are a suitable option.

Smart Strategy, as a leading digital marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada, provides you with vast digital marketing infographics such as SEO infographics, PPC, Social media, Webdesign, and so on different topics of these services.

Our goal in providing this service is to deliver valuable and practical information to users quickly so they can quickly obtain the required analysis of digital marketing concepts.

Determining points of smart strategy infographics:

  • unique design
  • Brief and useful information
  • The minimum use of long texts
  • Images related to the topic

Infographics | SEO infographic | Pigeon Algorithm

The pigeon algorithm is related to Local SEO and site optimization based on location. Google Pigeon Algorithm seeks to display results based on the user’s location. It checks the content, images, videos, related words, and other factors and ranks the sites so that the best site is shown to you as the priority.

Infographics | SEO infographic | Pigeon Algorithm


Infographics | SEO infographic | Site Optimization


Infographics | SEO Infographic | site optimization