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Digital Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing is the term used to market the products and measure the growth of the sales and conversion rates. Digital marketing takes the help of online platforms that help to expand customer reach. 

Digital marketing strategy is the process of marketing individual business services and products through digital platforms such as search engines, email marketing, or content writing, etc. It helps businesses achieve specific goals by choosing particular marketing channels, which ensures the growth of the company.

Digital marketing takes the help of several strategies that help brands and businesses achieve specific goals. It uses various digital services such as SEO, PPC, and more. It is one of the most used and efficient marketing strategies that help get a higher ranking in search engines.

Suppose you are looking for ways to help you learn digital marketing, it would be great if you started by learning the basics of digital marketing. SEO is amongst the most easy-to-learn digital services, which will help you to increase search rankings.

To start digital marketing as a beginner, you should know the basics of digital marketing and create your websites. Starting a new website is the best way to implement different digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing services help businesses extend their customer reach and track the ROI in real-time, which allows companies to adapt quickly and see results. Due to the increasing demands of consumers, digital marketing has made it easier to order products from any place at any given time.

Digital marketing agencies provide services such as SEO, social media marketing, Email marketing, content creation, search engine marketing, voice marketing, influencer marketing, etc. Affiliate marketing is also a form of digital marketing service that helps businesses increase their sales.

In this digital era, businesses of all sizes need digital marketing agencies as the competitors are already implementing digital services as their marketing strategy. A digital marketing agency helps in making an online presence and building reputable brands, and it is an excellent way to reach consumers in less time.

The cost of a digital marketing agency relies on the range of services businesses use to implement as their marketing strategies. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is cost-effective and highly result-driven. For instance, companies can expect less cost in choosing SEO services, branding, etc.

SmartStrategy, a digital marketing agency in North Vancouver, Canada, is one of the best choices for small businesses across Canada. Search Engine People, Bluehat Marketing, Social Media 55, Status Bureau are other top digital marketing agencies in Canada. SmartStrategy is highly experienced in working with various leading brands and companies and provides quality digital marketing services at affordable rates to their clients.

The scope of digital marketing in Canada is increasing as most companies and businesses are opting for digital marketing services to grow their businesses. Digital marketing is the only tool that helps companies to stay relevant on various online platforms. It is cost-effective, and results are bound to happen.

Businesses of all sizes now need digital marketing agencies as most people spend their time on the internet. Before making any purchases, consumers tend to go to the internet and look at the products or services they want for themselves. It has necessitated the implementation of digital marketing for every organizations and businesses.

Yes, social media marketing is amongst the most driving factors that help companies enhance their conversion rate. Social media platforms are amongst those places that have all types of people. It helps companies to connect with various potential prospects and build robust brand loyalty.

When partnering with a digital marketing company, you can expect a better conversion rate and ROI for your business. Digital marketing agencies ensure that your brand has a solid online presence and looks more reliable, genuine, and trustworthy.

The cost of digital marketing depends on the type of services you choose. There are various digital services that you can choose, such as SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, etc., you should discuss with your digital marketing agency and choose the best digital services that will benefit your brand exponentially.

The year 2021 has been witnessing the best digital marketing campaign ideas for businesses of all sizes. Some of them includes voice marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, neuromarketing, influencer marketing, and so on.


PPC is known as pay-per-click. It is an internet model in which marketers pay the fee each time someone clicks on their ad. It is a way to purchase visits to the site rather than earning the visits organically. The most popular PPC is associated with search engine advertising.

PPC is an online advertising method that companies pay when people click on their ad. Google will dig deep into the ADs and choose some of the ads to appear in the space on the search result page whenever a search happens.

A PPC campaign is the PPC service that the brands and companies opt for to run ads on the appropriate sites and search engines. If marketers want to show the ads associated with the user’s search query, keywords will trigger the auction for the advertisers.

It is the process of  managing the PPC strategy for the company while keeping the budget in mind. With PPC management, companies will be able to manage their campaign with the help of the PPC agency. It focuses on optimizing and creating PPC campaigns.

With PPC, you will get the extreme control level that works because brands and businesses can boost the ad spend for areas that work and decrease ad spend in areas where PPC is not that effective. The answer to why it is so efficient and effective lies in the ability to put all of the marketing investment in the right place.

With PPC, the ads are displayed on the site, and you will get the payment when someone clicks on the ads. Companies pay Google and networks so that they can advertise via the web.

To create a PPC site, you will have to work out the goals, decide where you want to do the advertising, choose the right keywords you want to bid on. It would be best if you worked with a reputable company to get optimal results.

The amount of money advertisers pay for PPC depends on their campaign and how long they want to run the campaign. There is not a fixed price. It varies depending on the scope of advertising companies choose.

PPC on Google works on the pay-per-click model. In this, users will bid on the keywords and pay for every click they get via their PPC campaign. Each time a search happens, Google will go through the pools of the advertisements and select some of the best ads that will appear on the space of the search result pages.

Facebook lets the user create their PPC advertisements within the Facebook ad manager. These ads can be video, standard photo, ads or it can also be carousel advertisements in which many different links go with the same ad.