PPC trends are predicted every year by researchers and advertising agency prominent. At the beginning of 2023, these trends were expected as usual.  With the increasing development of Artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT, and its dominance over technological industries, the PPC advertising trends for 2023 are mainly based on artificial intelligence and automation. In this article on smart strategy, we will discuss 9 PPC advertising trends in 2023.


PPC trends in 2023

As predicted, the main PPC advertising trends in 2023 are as follows:

1. Mastery of automation and AI, and machine learning

2. The decreasing importance of keywords

3. Increasing the use of Performance Max:

4. The necessity to collect users’ first-party data

5. Changing KPI from quantitative to qualitative criteria

6. Using PPC during the customer journey process

7. More use of GA4

8. The variety of PPC advertising channels

9. Inflation and economic conditions that affect PPC

In the following of this article on Smart strategy, we will explain the details of each of the above items.


ppc trends 2023


1. Mastery of automation and AI as the main PPC trends:

Although the application of automation and artificial intelligence in online advertising has started in the last few years, the dominance of automation, AI, and machine learning will be more evident as the primary PPC advertising trend in 2023. Advertisers who use PPC automation will have many advantages in terms of time, cost, and optimization of PPC outputs compared to competitors.

To do the PPC automation process correctly, you must go through the following steps:
1. First, create a strategy and goal for your PPC ads.
2. Develop the appropriate plan, including channel, message, and content.
3. Collect appropriate data and
4. Use the correct method for data analysis.

PPC automation uses machine learning to grow your business. First, specify the budget, business goals, and conversions you want to measure. Then, finally, PPC automation finds potential customers for your purposes and delivers the most suitable ad with the optimal bid to maximize campaign performance. With the use of artificial intelligence in PPC advertising, especially in identifying customers’ desires, the probability of conversion with lower costs will be much higher.
Note that automation does not replace your insight about customers. So try balancing automation with your insight into user behavior, needs, wants, and experiences. For example, increase communication with your customers to better understand their needs throughout the buying process and then routinely implement this knowledge through PPC automation. In this case, you can convey the right message to your customers at the right time through the right channel and tool.

2. The decreasing importance of keywords:

Although the importance of keywords in SEO and PPC was very high in the past, it is not now. Currently, the user’s intention to search for a word is much more important than the keyword itself. Identify the broad match keyword and user intention and use it in PPC. 2023 is the year in which search engine marketers must shift their focus from keywords to receiving signals from user behavior. Google broad match pays more attention to users’ signals, including keywords, preferences, bid strategy, landing page, past purchases, their behavior, and predicting their performance.


3. Increasing the use of Performance Max:

Performance max is a successful example of PPC automation that significantly improves PPC performance and cost efficiency. Performance max is event-based and uses machine learning to deliver relevant ads with optimal offers to audiences and maximize campaign performance. Using Performance Max as a PPC advertising trend in 2023, you can determine your campaign goals, identify your target customers who are most likely to convert and attract new customers using Google signals. In addition, performance Max targets customers across all Google channels, which increases customer engagement. Finally, machine learning models predict which ads and audiences will perform best. These tools will help you spend more time on strategy and creative work.


performance max in ppc trends 2023


4. The necessity to collect users’ first-party data:

Privacy and Google’s rules regarding the security of users and the Prohibition of collecting third-party data have made it difficult for advertisers. In 2023, it will be much more challenging to access the third-party data of customers, so you must collect the first-party data. But how? You must create engaging and valuable content for the audience, attract them to your website, and gather first-party data. Then, use this information in PPC ads to develop a deep connection with your audiences and target them correctly at the right time in the right channel with the right message.

5. Changing KPI from quantitative to qualitative criteria:

In 2023, The measurement criteria should be changed from meaningless measures such as click and impression to lead-based standards. A campaign is successful if it can bring you leads that can become customers.
• Number of call conversions
• Number of conversions from the submission
• Number of exact keywords that converted.
• Quality leads that convert to sales.


6. Using PPC during the customer journey process:

In 2023, attention to the human factor and user experiences during the customer journey process will be critical. Pay attention to what customers want, their main concerns, and their needs. What do they need at each stage of the buying process, and how can data and information be used to respond to their needs? In the past, PPC was used only at the end of the purchase process, but now PPC should be used to transmit information and respond to customers during the purchase and information acquisition process. Don’t just focus on the data you get from the platforms, but increase your interaction with your customers to get accurate information from them and their experiences. Increase the scope of your exchange to all stages of the customer’s lifecycle.


7. More use of GA4:

GA4 has changed the measurement criteria. GA4 metrics have shifted towards critical events. Therefore, GA4 has made you pay more attention to quality and move on to increasing positive measures instead of reducing negative ones. GA4 states which of your products is the most attractive to customers and the ROI for which group of customers or your products is the highest. Collecting this information will help you make compelling predictions for digital marketing plans and strategies. GA4 reports provide highly accurate information with the help of Google’s artificial intelligence. In addition, in GA4, you can track the ads displayed on different channels, such as social media, inside the application and website.
Also, GA4 users can better and more accurately analyze the customer journey and life cycle. In other words, GA4 reports are much more detailed and accurate than before and are presented based on the customer journey stages. The last prominent point of differentiation in the new analytics is the diminution of the role of cookies in browsers. Google has announced that in the latest version of analytics, instead of using cookies for various purposes, such as obtaining information for remarketing, retargeting, etc., we are taking another new approach focusing on Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning.


ga4 in ppc advertising trends 2023


8. The variety of PPC advertising channels:

The variety of advertising channels and publishing content towards media such as Tik Tok, LinkedIn, and video marketing, cause these two factors:
• Increased conversion rate
• CPC reduction


9. Inflation and economic conditions that affect PPC:

2023 is the year of uncertainty. Advertisers are looking to reduce costs and increase their profit margins. On the other hand, people are looking for a way to spend their income and reduce expenses optimally. So use technology and artificial intelligence to optimize your PPC activities and bid strategies. Use flexible PPC structures and learn from Chameleon how to adapt to changes.


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