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Data-driven Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Save even $1 of your budget for PPC campaigns in Vancouver.


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By creating fast and complete data-driven dashboards of your real-time data, we help you to optimize your PPC campaigns and increase your ROI in Vancouver

How can we help you in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in Vancouver?

Big Data | Smart Strategy

Using Big Data for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

We use big data to identify user behavior and optimize the PPC campaign strategy.

Account Manager | Smart Strategy

Using the Specialist Account Manager for Each Project

For each project we use an account manager; who is a specialist in feed management and solution development.

Keyword | Smart Strategy

Comprehensive Keyword Research

We use specialized tools to deep dive into the keyword research and create a keyword universe.

PPC Optimization | Smart Strategy

Competitor's Opportunities and Weaknesses

we help you to Identify your competitors' marketing strategy, their target audience, keywords gap, and other weaknesses.

Cross Channel | Smart Strategy

Designing Cross-Channel Remarketing

we help you to boost your result and reach your targeted audiences with different channel ads.

Campaign optimization | Smart strategy

Peak Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Performance

we provide you intelligent decision-making notes to optimize your PPC campaign budget.

Case Study in Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

case study converting website visitor into customers
case study restructure of PPC advertising activities
case study wasetful budget spending for ppc advertising
case study minimum return on ppc due to lack of conversion tracking

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To have successful Google Ads campaigns, we take the following steps:

1. Google Ads account audit

2. Keyword research

3. Keyword competitive gap analysis

4. Landing page audit - Landing page build if necessary

5. Conversion tracking set up

6. New campaign build

7. Campaign launch

8. Monitoring, assessment, optimization