When it comes to writing SEO friendly content, you are using several paragraphs! So you might think writing each section is simple and has no specific principles. However, to write each section, you must follow its regulations and rules to optimize it. Therefore, it is essential to follow the principles of writing each section on the content SEO. If you want to write a suitable SEO friendly content, join us in this article on smart strategy blog to get acquainted with its importance and principles.

Why is SEO friendly content important?

If we want to make a paragraph very simple, we must say that each container consists of several sections. Each paragraph contains several sentences conveying a general concept to the user. A paragraph is composed of similar and close sentences to get a general idea to the user. If the section is spelled correctly, it helps users better understand the relationship between the topics presented in the text. Paragraphing content allows the user to read the text more easily and understand the subheading content correctly.

SEO is essential for any site; with the help of SEO, you can lead your business to different goals. Google is trying to get a human-like experience from places to see if that site is helpful to users! One of the most recent issues that Google is addressing is paragraphs. Google is trying to see if the sections you generate for users are well-written and easy for the user to understand.

If the text is well written, Google will understand it well and give you better rankings than other sites that do not. But, of course, this is also one of the hundreds of Google ranking factors like Rank Brain and google dance Algorithms that are examined on the site, and by observing it, you can not expect to reach the first rank of Google.


The meaning of the main sentence in paragraph writing

When a user decides to read a piece of content, they first scan the paragraph before reading it in full! Then, the user looks to see if the text is worth reading. In the first step, the user reads the initial sentences of each paragraph and, if those sentences are appropriate, decides to continue reading them. That’s why a concept called the main sentence came into being. The main sentence is the core of your paragraph and should be given at the beginning of the section. Also, this sentence should be exciting and professional enough to attract the user to read the rest of the paragraph.

Especially since the first paragraph of your content should clearly show what the content is about! In this case, by reading the first paragraph, the user realizes what he is going to achieve by reading the content of your site. This will make Google value you more! Google monitors user behavior and finds out what the user is doing on the site.

Now, if the user realizes that the content is valuable after reading the main sentence, a signal will be sent to Google. Ultimately, these issues will significantly help your site rank higher on Google, and you can expect to reach the first page of Google. Also, focus on your keywords in the first sentence to get a better result. By doing this, you have also observed your content SEO well.


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What is a clear and SEO friendly section like?

At first glance, a paragraph is just a few sentences, but is that the paragraph? Of course, not. Your section must be clear and SEO friendly. But how do you generate SEO friendly content? There are many tips for producing the proper paragraph for SEO, each of which will help you to create an SEO friendly content. In this part of the article, we are going to examine the features of the appropriate section for SEO so that if you want to reach the first rank in search engines, you will achieve the final goal much sooner with the SEO friendly content:

  • Address a specific issue

The first point to producing an SEO friendly content is to address only one topic in one section! One of the mistakes that different people face is that several issues are covered in one paragraph. This can confuse the user while reading it and ultimately make helpful nothing. An SEO-friendly section should talk about a specific topic so that the user’s mind can easily understand it. If your paragraph consists of only two sentences and you no longer have a sentence about it, finish it and move on to another section.

  • Completeness of the paragraph

Another point in producing a good paragraph for SEO is its completeness. You should not raise an issue in two or more sections. You can only do this when your paragraph is long and confuses users. In this case, you can bring your topic in a few paragraphs so as not to be too long; This is because it can confuse users, damaging your content’s optimization. So if your section does not last long, use sentences around a topic in only one paragraph so the user can focus on the same.

  • Short paragraph

Another principle of content SEO that is very important in producing the excel remarkable graph for SEO is the shortness of the section. You should be able to generate short paragraphs so others can easily understand them. Sometimes a paragraph may be as short as five lines, but you should not write more than that. Of course, sometimes you must write six strings, but this should not constantly be repeated. Note that the shorter your paragraphs, the more readable your content will be. One of the things that users overlook is that they write long paragraphs but do not realize that it covers several topics. In this case, a long section and various issues are examined that take you away from the SEO friendly content.

  • Using heading tags is essential for SEO friendly content.

Sometimes there may be several topics on the page, and others subtitle some headlines. In such cases, you must use H tags to be able to SEO your content. H tags tell Google which title is more important and which is another subheading. So using heading tags is crucial; it also means the user tells which marker is which and which is another.

  • Start the paragraph with the main sentence.

Another thing that makes a good paragraph for SEO is to start the section with the core or main sentence. There is the main sentence in each paragraph, and the rest of the sentences explain this sentence. Therefore, you should bring the main sentence to your section’s beginning and get your sub-sentences. This helps users fully understand this paragraph and read the following sentences. But, again, this dramatically impacts content SEO, and we suggest you be careful when writing a paragraph.


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How to write short and SEO friendly content?

Now that you know the features of a good SEO paragraph, it’s time to write a short, SEO friendly content! There are eight quick steps to writing a brief and SEO close paragraph, which we will review in full in this part of the article:

  • Specify a paragraph message

The first step in writing an SEO-centric paragraph is identifying the main topic! One of the SEO mistakes many users make is not thinking about the central message before writing a paragraph. After starting to write a paragraph, they think about what to write about and what is the purpose of this paragraph! So before you start writing a paragraph, think about the central message of the section and then start writing.


  • Convert the main message to the first sentence

Once you have thought about your paragraph message, it’s time to write it down. If you remember, in the Features section of a Seo-centric paragraph, we told you to write the main message at the beginning of the paragraph. So, in this step, you should turn the main message into a short and attractive sentence and put it at the beginning of the section. Also, use your long or main keywords in this sentence.


  • Write several backup sentences for the first sentence.

The main topic that you examined in the main paragraph! Now it’s time to write a few backup sentences about the first sentence to make it easier for the user to understand. For example, you can write an example for your central concept and explain it in a few sentences. Or if there are relevant points about that paragraph, write them in the following sentence.


  • Write the final sentence and summary at the end of the paragraph

After reading the section, the user may not fully understand what the area is about! Or even some users are confused, which can cause them not to understand the sectional. For such users, use a closing sentence that sums up your section. This will help you to have the correct area for SEO.


  • Check that the paragraph is not long.

Once you have completed your paragraph, it’s time to check that the paragraph is not long! One of the characteristics of the SEO friendly content that we examined is that it is not long. If your section is long, you should split it into two paragraphs. Paragraphs that are longer than ten sentences or more than five lines are usually long, and you have to divide them.


  • Use a subtitle for SEO friendly content.

Use the H tags if your paragraph needs to be subdivided to improve the structure of the content. H tags are usually used to get the best design for a page and the best results. Not only will this give you an optimal site for Google, but users will also better understand the structure of your content. Also, use keywords and synonyms to get better SEO results.


  • Reread the paragraph.

You should read your paragraph once and see if it is optimal. You should see if the sentences written are all about the same thing. If the answer is yes, you have a good paragraph. Also, check your section in writing to make it as well-written as possible.


  • Final paragraph review

The final step in reviewing and analyzing a paragraph is to look at it from different angles! For example, you need to see if your section is optimal. It would help if you also made sure that the sentences are not too long and that you avoid saying obvious things in your paragraph. These issues will help you a lot to get the best result, and the user will be satisfied with you.



Have you ever wondered why we need to produce content for the site? The ultimate goal is for users to read it. Therefore, you need to write valuable and understandable content for users. One of the critical issues that affect this issue is the paragraphs. In content SEO, you need to produce the proper paragraph SEO so that the user and search engines easily understand it.

In this article on smart strategy, we examined the features of SEO friendly content and the steps to produce a suitable paragraph for SEO! If you have any questions, contact us through the comments section or request a free proposal from our smart strategy SEO services page so we can guide you.   visit our linkedin profile to see our content summaries.