Rank Brain algorithm is one of the newest algorithms used by Google, which has dramatically reduced the impacts of black and gray SEO scammers from SEO scoring. If you have little information about this algorithm, Stay with the smart strategy blog to get acquainted with it in simple and fluent language.

rank Brain algorithm


What is a Rank Brain algorithm, and how does it work?

Rank Brain algorithm can be considered a more advanced version of the Hummingbird algorithm. Years ago, Google’s algorithms only paid attention to the number of keywords, and the more words they had in the written content, the more points and credibility they gave the site. Unfortunately, this paved the way for SEO scammers, so that site owners filled their content with keywords, regardless of quality, to appear in the initial Google results. When this became clear, Google engineers were encouraged to change the algorithms and update them.

Rank Brain algorithm is one of the newest algorithms that analyze your search term concept to give you the most suitable site. Let’s give a simple example to learn more about conceptual analysis. Imagine we have a high-quality content site whose keyword is a hairdressing salon, and you are searching for the keyword of a women’s beauty salon. Do you think this site will be displayed for you? Yes, the Rank Brain algorithm, with its precise formulas and engineering, will check all the information and show you the best results.


History and mechanism of operation of Rank Brain algorithm


Now we are familiar with the concept of this new Google algorithm. But when does its history go back, and what is the process of measuring sites by an algorithm?

This algorithm’s year of construction and use dates back to 2015, which could help identify low-quality and good sites. Using this algorithm, many areas at the top of Google search results were moved to much lower results with high-quality content.

Since 2016, this algorithm has occupied more than 15% of Google page rankings. After producing appropriate content and link building, it has been introduced as the third influential factor in measuring site SEO.

This algorithm is based on artificial intelligence and learning machines. This means that Google engineers have almost no role in measuring sites, and it is the machine and algorithm that rates sites. But what is artificial intelligence, machine learning, or error testing?

We will explain these concepts to you in simple and tangible language. Imagine entrusting the preparation of a meal to a machine. This machine must combine all the raw materials, giving it the correct cooking time and temperature to achieve the final result. Then, based on its artificial intelligence, the device defines an appropriate function between input and output, changing the influencing factors. For example, it reduces one food item and increases it once it raises the temperature or lowers the cooking time.

This trial and error method is done to the extent that the device can find the best and most appropriate way and amount of food composition to prepare the desired food without human intervention. The same is true for the Rank Brain algorithm. This algorithm considers various factors for measuring SEO and tries to show the best site in the search results to the user by using artificial intelligence and error testing methods.

The important thing is that this algorithm is dynamic; after Google finds the best site and content for a keyword, it does not stick to it and still checks the sites, factors, and search results. Interestingly, after the algorithm came into being, Google designed an experiment to compare the performance of artificial intelligence and learning machines with human performance. Therefore, over a period, the site SEO was done by several of its engineers and by the Rank Brain algorithm. At the end of the experiment, it was found that the algorithm could perform more than 10% more accurately and better than the engineers.

rank Brain SEO strategy



What factors does the Rank Brain algorithm examine?

To get an acceptable score from this algorithm, you only have to look for one thing: to gain the user’s satisfaction and provide the appropriate content. In fact, instead of filling the site with keywords, see exactly what content and questions your user is looking for and try to incorporate them into your content.

So Rank Brain algorithm pays attention to your user’s satisfaction with the content, but how?


  1. Retention time on the site

One of the most important factors that Google considers in Rank Brain is the retention time of users on your site. If all or a large number of users close your location shortly after entering it, it indicates that the content you wrote was not helpful to them. Therefore, this algorithm considers your site’s content, poor quality and will not give it a high rating.

bounce rate factor in rank brian


2. Number of sites searched after opening each site

Another important factor that this site considers as a sign of user satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the number of sites that users will open after your site. If the user opens other sites with the same keyword after your site, this algorithm will assume that your content could not be helpful to the user.


3. Pay attention to the comprehensiveness of the content in the rank brain algorithm

Another critical factor that the Rank Brain algorithm uses to measure site SEO is the content’s comprehensiveness. How? Imagine that a user searches for the Hummingbird algorithm keyword and stays long enough on your site. This is a. good sign that your site has achieved enough user satisfaction.

But suppose the user, after reading your site, searches for the factors examined in the Hummingbird algorithm. In that case. In that case, it means that your content has not been able to answer all the user’s questions about the keyword correctly. This indicates that your content is not complete enough, so this algorithm will not give you and your site a high score.

comprehensive content in rank brian


4. User satisfaction before entering the site

As mentioned above, the Rank Brain algorithm seeks to satisfy the user and show them the best and most relevant result. Therefore, it not only considers the users ‘satisfaction after entering the site but also examines their behavior before entering! You ask how? Very simple due to site optimization factors such as site opening speed, download speed, full site load time, etc.

If users wait too long to open your site and are so late that they leave your site even before it is fully loaded, Rank Brain will consider it a negative impact factor. Sites should now have a minimum loading speed of 2 to 5 seconds. Statistics show that areas with slower loading times are slower than users and close before complete loading.


5. Internal and external backlinks

Using internal backlinks and external backlinks is one of the most important and influential ways to improve your site’s SEO. Doing so will not only increase your site’s ranking in the ranking algorithm but also have a positive effect on other Google algorithms.

You can write a sentence about a related topic in an article and link it to the article on your site. For example, if you write about the Rank Brain algorithm in your content, you can compare it to the Penguin algorithm and link it to the Penguin Algorithm article on your site. Then, by clicking on it, users will enter the article page of the Penguin Algorithm and will read it as well.

External backlinks will also be a kind of advertisement for you. For example, as an ad reporter, you can publish an article on a reputable and related site and link it to your site. By doing this, users will enter your site after reading the article and clicking on the link. The higher the number of backlinks you have, the higher your Google search rankings will be.

internal and external linking in rank brian
internal and external linking in rank Brain

6. Observance of writing principles and simplification

It is true that some content and keywords require specialized content and articles, but keep in mind that not all of your readers and users are experts in the field! A man or a woman with a completely unrelated field of study may want to know about this; if your text is complex and specialized, you may lose more than 90% of your readers and users!

Observance of writing rules is another factor to which the Rank Brain algorithm pays particular attention. Therefore, the author of your content should be familiar with the principles and practices of writing and editing text and use them in the right place.


What can we do to improve the credibility of our site from the perspective of the Rank Brain algorithm?

After reading the previous cases, the question will probably arise for you, what can we do now to improve the SEO of our site from the Rank Brain algorithm? The suggested solutions are straightforward but can have a significant impact on improving your site’s SEO.

rank brian algorithm for improving site


  1. Write fluid, comprehensive, and SEO-friendly content.

When writing content, try to guess all the possible questions of users about the topic and write a complete and comprehensive text about them. Follow the writing rules entirely and do not misspell them. Use enough keywords appropriately. Write fluent and understandable content. Use the H1 to H6 tags. Make sure your content is at least 1500 words.


2. Use relevant keywords

As mentioned above, this algorithm analyzes the concept, so if you want to find the correct position for it, be sure to take the use of keywords seriously. For example, if you are writing about a shop in the content capital, include similar words in the text, such as a shop, money, boutique, etc.


3. Have a user feedback section

Rank Brain algorithm seeks to find a site that can satisfy its users in the best possible way. One of your solutions can be to set up a user feedback section. If your site comments are high and users are satisfied with its content, Google will recognize your site as valid and valuable.


4. Use internal and external backlinks

As mentioned above, backlinks are a quick and great way to improve your site’s SEO. The critical point is that for external backlinks, choose reputable sites and do not overdo them. If you get a lot of backlinks from many sites regardless of their credibility, Google thinks you are trying to fool them. So not only will your site rank higher, but it will also fall lower.


5. Increase your click-through rate

The more clicks on your article and site, the more credible Google will find your site SEO. You can use different strategies to increase the click-through rate, the most important of which is the use of attractive headlines. Also, try to choose a beautiful title for your content to attract users. You can also use words like best and newest or numbers.



in this article on smart strategy Rank Brain algorithm is one of the newest algorithms used by Google, which seeks user satisfaction and the best search results more than anything else. This algorithm examines SEO KPIs such as click-through rate (CTR), site retention time, content loading speed, etc., and automatically ranks and ranks sites using artificial intelligence. If there is any question, please get in touch with us.   visit our linkedin profile to see our content summaries.