You may have launched a site and noticed that your page rank in Google had changed significantly. Of course, this is a concern at first, but there is nothing to worry about! Google has created an algorithm called Google Dance to see how satisfied users are with your content. With the Google Dance algorithm, Google can examine users’ behavior towards different sites.

Google Dance is a little disturbing at first glance, but when you look a little deeper, you will find that Google Dance helps a lot with newly established sites. In this article on the brilliant strategy blog, we want to review the Google Dance algorithm and see how to use it in the best possible way.

How did Google Dance Algorithm come about?

Google has developed various algorithms to rank different sites in the best possible way. Sites that follow Google algorithms, like the rank brain algorithm, will reach the top of Google promptly. Google Dance is one of the most practical algorithms of Google that is used to rank sites in Google results. So if you have a new site, Google Dance will help you grow! Of course, as long as you have valuable and helpful content for users.

When you start a new site, Google does not know how valuable and useful your content is! Google’s goal is to provide the best content to users; Therefore, the behavior of users towards your site’s pages will significantly impact your growth. Users who enter your site pages and see valuable content will stay there for a long time. This led Google to create the Google Dance algorithm. In this algorithm, sites that do not have good rankings are redirected to the first pages of Google for a short time so that your users can see them. If the user behavior is appropriate, Google will realize that the page is valuable.


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What is Google Dance Algorithm or Google Dance?

Now that you know the impact of user behavior on site rankings, it’s time to see what Google Dance’s algorithm is! Google Dance is an algorithm that Google dances to rank the site. Simply put, Google takes a few pages to the first page to see how valuable that page is. It is natural that the better the site rank, the more users will see you. In this case, they will enter your site and check your content. If you have valuable content and the site’s content structure is appropriate, the user will stay on the site and read that content.

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On the other hand, if your content is not relevant or helpful to users, they will leave it in a short time. The same behavior of users signals to Google whether this page is valuable or not! If the signal sent to Google is appropriate, Google will find that page helpful to users. This is what makes your site rank first. Of course, Google Dance is usually for newly launched sites, but sometimes other sites get involved. In the continuation of this article, we will examine this issue in more detail to see if your site is also involved in this algorithm or not.

Why is the Google Dance algorithm so important?

Google Dance is one of the essential Google algorithms that can grow your site! You must think of engaging, valuable, helpful, and practical content to use this algorithm in the best possible way and get great results. For example, when users search for a keyword phrase, they need or are interested in it. So they want Google to show them a site with that kind of content. If this happens, the user will stay on the site and may even interact with it; For example, he may post a comment for you and express his opinion.

Google’s artificial intelligence examines sites in structure and technical issues, but it is still not advanced enough to replace the human mind. So it can’t tell if the content is worth displaying on Google’s first few pages. That’s why it pays attention to the behavior of users who enter your site. So if you want to get to the top of Google, generate valuable content for users.


The impact of Google Dance on startup sites

In the previous section, we said that Google Dance was created more for startup sites! This is because startup sites are still less potent than older sites, no matter how strong they are. So if such sites want to reach the top ranks over time, they have to wait; It may even take several years. Google seeks to provide high-quality results to users. So the previous algorithms are not applicable for startup sites! Google Dance scans new sites and dances their rankings.

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When a startup site enters the competition, it does not rank well on Google. For example, you may have results on the third page of Google that, naturally, few users visit. Google will take you to the first page for a short time to see how users treat your site pages. It’s not hard to stay on the first page of Google; you need to have good content to come to the first pages with Google Dance and stay there.


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What sites does Google Dance go to?

Now you may be wondering what sites Google Dance goes to! The notion that Google Dance is only for startups is not valid. Google Dance has a more significant impact on startup sites, but it was not created solely to review them! Some areas make sudden changes, and Google Dance checks them. There are generally four types of sites that Google Dance reviews:

  • New sites

The first sites that are affected by Google Dance are startup sites. Startup sites are sites that have not existed before and have no results on Google. In this case, Google does not know whether the content on this site is helpful for users or not! In such a situation, Google tries to take you to higher ranks with Google Dance and see if your content is useful to users or not. If applicable, it will keep you ranked high with a slight drop. But if it is not applicable, it will return you to the previous level or even weaker.

  • Sites with duplicate content

Some sites have duplicate content! Such sites copy from other sites, making the content useless to users. Of course, it may be helpful, but different Google algorithms are opposed to copying content. In such a situation, that site gets Google dancing so that Google can see if that site is helpful for users or not! If for any reason, you have to use duplicate content on your site, it must be in a way that is useful to users, and of course, you have included the link to the source. In such a case, you may be able to get good rankings, which is a bit unlikely, given other Google algorithms.

  • Sites with a large volume of link building

Link building is a critical issue in site and SEO! Sometimes sites receive a lot of backlinks regardless of SEO KPIs. For example, a place that has not yet linked, if it wants to get backlinks from a thousand domains, Google will be suspicious. Such sites suffer from Google Dance, and if the pages fail to satisfy users, they will drop sharply. Therefore, you should follow the principles of link building and avoid creating many links for your site! Because this type of SEO is a black hat, and Google is entirely against it.

  • Sites with new keywords

Sometimes sites come up with new keywords that few sites have worked on. Google uses Google Dance’s algorithm to track users’ behavior toward such keywords. If users search for it and enter the area, Google will recognize that keyword consistently if they behave well. In this case, if you have good content, your site will be displayed to users as a good result. So if you have relatively new keywords that are less searched on Google, be sure to have valuable content for Google Dance to help you grow.

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How to progress with Google Dance algorithm?

Google Dance is good for some sites and bad for others! It depends on the site to what extent it has been able to satisfy users and Google. To get the best results, consider what content can meet users’ needs before considering Google rankings. If you ask this question, you can quickly generate content that is valuable to users.

In such a situation, you have valuable content for users and can meet their needs. Google Dance takes you to the top, and when it sees that user behavior is appropriate for your quality content, it puts you in the top rankings forever. There is no higher value than getting your site to the top of the keywords and attracting thousands of users at no cost.



In this article on innovative strategy, we reviewed Google Dance and everything you need to know about it. If you have questions, you can ask through the comments section so that we can guide you entirely, or you can contact us.