Today, digital marketing has replaced old marketing methods and brings many benefits to businesses at an affordable cost. Click advertising are effective and relatively low-cost strategy in digital marketing. However, you need to find the right platform for your business to get the best results from this advertising method. This article on Smart Strategy blog will introduce you to some of the best advertising platforms or in other words best digital advertising platforms.

What is PPC advertising?

“Pay-per-Click | PPC Advertising” is a form of digital advertising. This way, you can display your website in SERP or other websites to your users and target audience by paying a relatively small amount. By clicking on these ads, users will be redirected to your desired web pages, and you will pay an amount to the ad publishing platform for each ad click.
If executed correctly, click advertising campaigns have a favorable result and increase the number of “interested audiences or leads” (Leads). However, to increase the rate of return on investment (ROI) in click advertising, you must design the perfect “user journey” to convert the audience into a customer after driving users to the website.

What are the benefits of using PPC advertising sites?

Using click advertising for businesses has many benefits and can increase sales, traffic, or “Brand Awareness.”
Click ads have expanded significantly in recent years, and the benefits of using different PPC advertisibg sites are always added. The following are the most critical advantages of digital advertising platforms.

  • The ability to evaluate the impact of click ads.
  • The possibility of targeting audiences, testing and optimizing campaigns,.
  • The excellent and fast performance.
  • The possibility of starting and ending campaigns at the desired time.
  • Being cost-effective.

We suggest you read the following article to learn about the best advertising platforms or the best digital advertising platforms and their strategies.


The best advertising platforms features

After you are familiar with the basic principles and advantages of PPC ads, you need to find the best advertising platforms for your ads. There are dozens of online platforms that you can use to run your PPC advertising campaigns.
Usually, well-known PPC advertising platforms are known as the most effective and best digital advertising sites. Because many businesses have already tried them and the incoming traffic from these platforms is usually high. But if you are more limited in your budget, choosing lesser-known platforms may be a better option.

To choose the best advertising platform, one should evaluate the potential ROI of each platform. Also, many other criteria should be considered when selecting the best digital advertising sites for business purposes. Among these criteria, we can mention the available keywords for advertising, platforms preferred by the target audience, and advertising budget. In this section, we introduce some of the best digital advertising platforms in the world.


The best digital advertising platforms in the world

As we said, most of the time, it is the best option for businesses to choose popular digital advertising platforms. Because these platforms have a large audience, many companies have already used them to run successful advertising campaigns. In the following, we introduce some of the best digital advertising platforms in the world.


1. Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is one of the world’s most famous, widely used and best advertising platforms. As a result, many digital marketing agencies and companies hired to design a pay per click advertising strategy include Google click advertising as part of their work process.

Google Ads is a very effective platform for running click advertising campaigns. Even inexperienced and new people in click advertising can benefit from this platform, just like professional businesses. This platform is considered one of the best digital advertising platforms in the whole world and can increase the “click rate” (Click-through Rate | CTR) and “conversion rate” (Conversion Rate) of businesses using keyword model ads.

To use the Google Ads platform, you must first go through the keyword research stage and choose the keywords and phrases you want to target your audience. The platform then shows your ads to users based on their searches on Google and partner websites.

You can also access display advertising features on the Google Display Network through the Google Ads platform GDN,” and video click ads reach YouTube.

The advantages of using the Google Ads platform for click ads include the following:

  • The possibility of investing in popular keywords.
  • The possibility of publishing ads in the world’s most used search engine and displaying ads to many Internet users.
  • The possibility of using the Ad Extensions feature to optimize ads.


2. Bing Ads

“Bing” is one of the famous search engines that, like Google, offer click ads services to its users.

One of the advantages of advertising on the Microsoft Ads platform, formerly known as Bing Ads, is the lower cost of advertising compared to Google.

This search engine also has many users, and the desired content can be displayed to many audiences by publishing click ads on bing.

Many advertisers who use Google Ads use the feature of transferring and integrating Google’s click ads with Microsoft because this platform has made it easy to integrate Google Ads into their Microsoft accounts.

In addition, the user interface of Microsoft Ads is very similar to that of Google Ads, and because of this, transferring campaigns between these two popular platforms is almost seamless.

Click ads on the Microsoft Ads platform can be published on search engines such as Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and MSN.

In addition, online advertusing on this platform are also displayed to users based on keywords. Also, Microsoft Ads, just like Google, has enabled the publication of click-through ads by the Microsoft Audience Network (similar to the Google Display Network).

It is essential to know that the success rate of businesses in PPC campaigns through Google and Microsoft platforms is different because the users of these two platforms have various characteristics. In general, 20% of Bing search engine users are 45-54 years old, and only 11% are 18-24. For this reason, if you want to introduce your products to younger users, Google Ads may be a better option.

3. Facebook

Meta Company, formerly known as Facebook, was founded in 2004 and had one of the most popular social networks, and is one of the best advertising platforms in the world.

Today, all Internet users know the social network Facebook and have often encountered sponsored ads related to their favorite topics on this social network because the algorithm of this social network tries to display the most relevant advertisements to the target users of businesses.

Facebook Ads is a advertising platform based on audience interests. In fact, instead of targeting keywords like Google Ads, this platform targets audiences based on interests, behaviors, activities, and personal or demographic characteristics such as gender, age, job, location, etc. For this reason, this platform is considered one of the best digital advertising platforms of many businesses.


4. Instagram

Since Instagram is owned by Meta (Facebook), click ads on Instagram do not have a separate platform and are done through the Facebook Ads platform. In Facebook Ads, you can publish your ads only on this social network by choosing the options for displaying ads on Instagram.

Instagram is an image-based social network, and many image content is published on this platform in images, videos, stories, and reels.

By posting click ads on Instagram, businesses display their image ads, among other content, on this social network to interested users.

Suppose the content of your ad is attractive, conveys a relevant message to users, and is in harmony with the content space of this platform. In that case, it can quickly enter the Feed section of interested users, and at first glance, it does not seem like an unrelated ad.

Click ads are published on Instagram in images, videos, carousels, stories, reels, and store ads. The image below shows an example of advertising in the Instagram story.


5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn” is a social network for professionals in various fields of work. In this social network, users talk about their employer companies and interact with fellow users or people working in other companies.

LinkedIn’s online advertising platform, “LinkedIn Ads,” is suitable for companies with a B2B business model. Of course, other businesses can also succeed in running click ads on this platform and reach their target audience. However, since most LinkedIn users are active in B2B businesses, advertising for these companies on LinkedIn usually results better.

As we said, the LinkedIn audience focuses on talking about their job, company, and team members. For this reason, businesses with a B2B business model can use advertising on this social network to reach potential customers. B2B businesses can capture the attention of a professionally minded LinkedIn audience and introduce them to products or services that will help them achieve their business goals.

LinkedIn click ads are displayed in various forms, including images, videos, carousels, events, messages and conversations, text, followers, etc.


6. Twitter

Twitter is one of the popular social networks of Internet users, which provides click advertising for its users. By using the Twitter Ads advertising platform, businesses can run targeted click advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and increase followers.

Advertisements on Twitter are actually displayed in the form of other tweets, and you can use the image, video, carousel, text, etc., ads on this platform.

In addition, unlike previous platforms, targeting capabilities based on audience characteristics and keywords are provided to users on this platform.


7. Pinterest

“Pinterest” is a popular social network often used to discover new and exciting ideas and products. But few users know that this platform is also one of the best online advertising platforms.

Using the Pinterest Ads platform, you can target audiences based on keywords and personal characteristics. For example, about 44% of Pinterest’s audience is women aged 25-44, and businesses that aim to target this audience group will get better results from Pinterest’s click-through ads.

Pinterest platform ads can be published in the form of static and non-dynamic ads, videos, carousels, store ads, etc. The image below shows an example of click ads on the Pinterest Ads platform.


8. Youtube

Almost all of us have come across video ads while watching videos on the YouTube platform. YouTube is one of the most popular and best online advertising platforms for businesses.

Advertisements on this platform are done through Google Ads, and YouTube ads can be published on other Google partner websites.
YouTube click ads are targeted just like Google Display Network ads. You can publish clickable video ads on YouTube in a skippable or non-skippable form while playing videos in the Feed section and other ways. The image below shows an example of in-stream ads on YouTube.


9. AdRoll

AdRoll is a platform for advertising with a “retargeting” strategy. This platform displays business ads to audiences who have previously visited the business website and interacted with it in some way but did not complete their purchase and left the website.

The retargeting feature is also offered to users in Google Ads. However, the AdRoll platform’s advantage is that it displays business retargeting ads to users on other social networks besides Google and has more opportunities to increase click rates, visitors, and sales.


10. RevConnect

RevConnect is also one of the best advertising platforms that only work in promoting and introducing business content through PPC.

The ads of this platform are similar to guest blog posts and display the desired content to users on external websites.

In the RevConnect platform, you can also target audiences based on keywords and display ads to them, along with content related to user searches. Other advantages of this platform include a low CPC rate and increased traffic with a high engagement rate.

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