With the expansion of the digital space and the acceptance of internet businesses, many solutions have been created to attract users and increase the number of site visits; one of the most effective methods is the design of a click advertising campaign. Internet businesses and sites need to be seen to progress, and this action is provided through advertising and encouraging the audience to visit the site. Training to design a Click advertising campaign successfully helps to increase site traffic and user-to-customer conversion rate, and as a result, your success rate and profitability will increase. In this article on the Smart Strategy blog, we introduce a complete guide to designing a click advertising campaign.

What is click advertising?

Click advertising or PPC advertising (short for Pay Per Click) is a type of online advertising, that means paying money for each click by users with different IPs. In simpler terms, you pay an amount to the ad publisher for each person who directly enters your landing page from your ad in the application or other sites. (The landing page is a separate page on the website that the user enters by clicking on the link, and it is the landing place of the user to the site, and in this sense, it is of particular importance.)

One of the most reliable click ads is the Google AdWords smart system. To understand how this system works, consider this example:

Let’s say you want to promote a specific brand of sneakers and drive the audience to your landing page. For this, you need to declare your keyword, which can be “sports shoes” here, to Google AdWords and pay for, for example, 100 clicks. So, Google’s intelligent search engine will display your ad whenever users search for sneakers or similar words. This process will continue until 100 people with different IPs enter your website in this way, and then it will be removed.

Of course, in this direction, it is necessary to learn how to design a click advertising campaign to implement this type of advertisement properly.

Step-by-step training on designing a click advertising campaign

Now that you are familiar with the concept of click ads, learning how to create a click ads campaign is an essential issue for progress in online businesses.

Earning money from Internet activities is a difficult task due to competitors and a large number of contacts with different tastes. So, it would help if you looked for a solution to attract users and create differentiation and superiority among other competitors. This is achieved using targeted advertising, recognizing the audience’s needs, and solving them.

To design a click advertising campaign, you must first ask yourself that

  • What is your goal in creating the campaign?
  • Who are your contacts, and what do they need?
  • How would you rate the results of your campaign?
  • What type of campaign is most suitable for your business, and what activity?

So first, you need to define your goal. For example, your motivation may be to create a click advertising campaign, increase site traffic, sell products, get to know and build the brand’s credibility, etc.


designing a click advertising campaign | Smart Strategy


Then you should determine the target audience, which includes ordinary people, companies, government systems, etc., and create ad content according to their needs.

In the next step, the campaign’s evaluation and success rate are discussed, which changes according to the type of goal you have. For example, when your purpose of click advertising is brand awareness, you can find out the success or failure through the amount of social interaction, creating a survey, and comparing the number of visits to the site. Or, if you plan to run your advertising campaign with the aim of selling, having a content management system such as CMS to record information and report to track sales is valuable and practical.

The last step of learning how to design a click advertising campaign is choosing its type, which is determined according to the field of activity and allows you to communicate with your contacts where and in what way.

An advertising campaign is possible in four ways:

Search ads

In this method, you choose one or more keywords, and users will see your ad in the list of the first search results of their browser by searching for them or similar words.

Display advertising

Most of these advertisements are used in the form of images and banners on high-traffic and reliable sites, and you have to pay for the visits and entry of users to your landing page. One of the essential types of display advertising is GDN, which covers more than 2 million websites, and you can display your image content on all sites related to your field of activity.

Social media advertising

Social networks are one of the most influential and productive types of click ads, and due to their popularity among different segments of society, they have excellent results. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are among the most famous social media for advertising with the various features they provide.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing or remarketing, as the name suggests, targets people who interacted with your service and page at least once in the past but left it without buying or making a call to action for various reasons. In this method, by using a piece of code called a cookie, the path of users’ activity is monitored, and advertisements tailored to the customer’s needs are displayed on similar sites. To learn more about the concept and benefits of retargeting, we invite you to refer to the remarketing article.

So, this is how to design a click advertising campaign, and you can use them with any of the campaigns or by combining them, depending on the goal and the field of activity you have. Sometimes it is necessary to try all these methods to get the desired result and then reach the final choice according to the effectiveness of each one.


Remarketing ads | Smart Strategy

Advantages and disadvantages of click ads

  • Affordable: You pay exactly the amount of clicks you want.
  • Measurable and controllable: You can easily track the growth and changes in the presence of users on the site.
  • Targeted: It is possible to choose the location, the audience’s language, etc., to target the target audience precisely.
  • Customizable: When you launch a campaign, you can publish it in the most personalized way possible by changing the details.
  • Learnable: Many platforms have click-through campaign design tutorials to get you started quickly.
  • Fast: The results of the click advertising campaign will quickly affect your site’s SEO.
  • Clicking and directing the audience to the site does not necessarily lead to sales.
  • You need skills to design campaigns; that’s why many turn to click advertising campaign design specialists or prepare training courses for creating click advertising campaigns.
  • The speed of finishing the campaign is high, while the implementation of SEO methods on the website is more permanent.
  • You should take the time to check the results.


In general, the design of this campaign may seem simple at first glance, but if you have not gone through the clicked advertising campaign design training properly, no matter how much you spend in this direction, it may not bring you any profit. Therefore, we suggest you either take a click advertising campaign design training from a reputable place like Tapsel College or leave it to professionals if you don’t have enough time for exercise.

If you have any questions about this topic, you can have a free online meeting with our PPC ads strategist through our PPC services.

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