With the definitions of PPC advertising presented in the previous article, it is clear that implementing a PPC advertising campaign is almost simple and can be done in a short time. But it is essential to know that rushing and taking action without awareness will not only waste your time and money but can also lead to a business failure. Therefore, before you do anything, read the steps below carefully to have successful marketing campaigns and increase the productivity of PPC advertising.


8 Steps to Increase the Productivity of PPC Advertising

1. Set your goals for launching a PPC campaign

Without a goal, there will be no progress for you. Unfortunately, many old and new businesses made this mistake and overshadowed their marketing with ignorance and haste. These negligences can easily lead to wasting your money and time and may discourage you from doing so again. To be precise and professional, it is better to pay attention to the questions you will see below and determine their answers clearly for yourself. Although these questions may seem simple, you can be sure that success in these campaigns depends on these issues.

– What are your goals in using this PPC advertising?

Do not forget that you must always know what your target person or persons are in your business activities. This issue is more critical in ordering ads. For example, when choosing keywords and writing your ad text, use words and phrases your audience needs to see. These words and phrases should be encouraging and moving, but at the same time, they should not seem exaggerated and imaginary. Also, ensure that your ad text is directly related to the content of the pages advertised on your site.

Always look at these issues from a user’s perspective to know what to do and make the best decision. Put yourself in the shoes of users or customers and see what impresses you most in an ad. Also, remember that your main priority in a text ad is to send the message of your choice. This message must contain valuable information while simultaneously arousing the user’s curiosity. Knowing what users and customers are looking for will be your first step to success.

– What are you looking for in  PPC advertising?

After setting initial goals, you need to know what your ad will bring you. If your plan is set correctly, your ad can bring users closer to what you want and turn them into customers. It should also be noted that the type of advertising is also related to your business. For example, famous Facebook ads are used as an indicator to introduce products and services that are done through landing pages.

2. Launch your website analytics system

For the best analysis, we suggest you provide tools to check the status of various processes from start to finish before starting an advertising campaign. In this regard, when it comes to web analytics, it is again Google that creates the right solution for you. You can get enough information about your site visitors by installing Google Analytics. One of this information is the input of these users to your site. If such a feature is available, you can quickly determine how much PPC revenue you get.

analytics for ppc advertising


3. Link your desired ad to specific pages

While it may be helpful to advertise every part of your site, when it comes to paid advertising and financial costs, you need to get the most efficient of your ad. Therefore, you should advertise your site’s product, service, or page with the most potential for profitability.

Large companies create landing pages for their primary ads and advertise them in other sources. One of the most important reasons for this is that landing pages are exclusive to a particular thing. So when you enter a Landing Page from a site, you will get information exclusively about a product, service, or similar. This helps users to get comprehensive information about what they are looking for, away from any complexity. You also can use this trick to double the effectiveness of your ad. So implement your significant and essential ads this way.


4. Use your budget for several keywords

Instead of spending all your budget on one keyword, it is recommended that you spend it on multiple keywords. If you can create a specific table or program for such a thing, then your work order will be maintained, and the overall efficiency of your advertising programs will increase. For example, you can consider daily, weekly or monthly budgets and then divide that budget by different keywords. If you decide to use PPC ads, take this seriously and put it into practice.


5. Change the default settings of the advertising panels

Google advertising or social network panels are usually simple platforms to work with default standards and high speed. Using these settings is not a problem and will speed up your work, but if you want to order your PPC ads with better terms, you have to change the default settings. These settings include items such as Local Search settings, keyword settings, language, and other related settings.


6. The keyword and its relevance to the PPC advertising

You must ensure that the keywords used in your PPC ads are relevant to the advertised content. Visualize your audience and take all the necessary steps to get their attention. Such an issue is critical both from the point of view of users and Google. To get to this, We suggest using the Google Keyword Planner tool to best idea and find the right keywords; we recommend to Google that the right customers can only be reached with the right keywords.

Do not forget to use long tail keywords. Although these keywords are less than short, they have much less competition. So by adding one or two more words to the main keywords, you will also have a chance to display your ad in a broader range. In addition, by using unique keywords, you will not only reduce your advertising costs but also increase your site’s clickthrough rate or CTR significantly.


7. Improve the quality of your promotional text

Quality takes precedence over quantity under any circumstances. This is also true in advertising. Google intelligently matches ad texts and the relevance of the words used in them to the advertised links. Google has provided a unique ranking for such ads to differentiate between the higher quality ads. The better the quality of your content, the more clicks you get. Because if Google has to advertise several similar ads, it will choose an ad closer to the quality standards.

A good PPC advertising text has three main characteristics:

It should be short, concise, and contain valuable and complementary information.
Highly relevant to keywords and search terms.
Be able to attract attention quickly, without being exaggerated and unbelievable.


8. Constantly monitor the status of PPC advertising

Your PPC advertising campaign will have a real impact when it is paid enough attention to at all stages. Even if you do your research by keyword research and build quality text, your ad is not finished. You should check the status of your ad every day and at different times through relevant panels or a web analytics system like Google Analytics. In this case, if there is a defect or mistake in your work process, you can notice and fix them as soon as possible.

Google has some useful tools for you. Devices that are essential for launching and analyzing an advertising campaign. These tools include the Accounts Manager tool, the Keyword Planner tool, the AdWords Editor tool, and the Reach Planner tool.



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