Writing an online advertising headlines requires a series of tactics and creativity to convince the audience to read the content and click on the advertisement in the best possible way. If your headline fails to do this, practically everything you’ve done will be for naught.

So, how do you write a compelling headline for an ad or a post? The following tips can be beneficial in this regard.

  1. Keep it brief. Your title should be between 6 and 12 words.
  2. Write for your target audience. Understand your target audience better by writing a headline that immediately grabs them.
  3. Take your time on your headline.
  4. The title should not be dumb and should be consistent with its content. Your title should be clear so as not to confuse the reader; Therefore, the title should be attractive simultaneously.
  5. Testing different titles. Test which headline reduces the bounce rate and increases the click rate.

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Attractive samples for online advertising headlines

This section will provide several examples of attractive online advertising headlines to inspire you for your writing and promotional posts. Below are nearly 15 examples of good online advertising headlines, each of which has its appeal.


attractive online advertising headline
attractive online advertising headline

Who wants …

The first online advertising headline example is to starting a title with “Who…. Wants…”, a classic headline strategy that implies a general desire to do something. This example of an attractive online advertisement headline has a question format and can attract the user well.


  • Who wants more people to read their writing?
  • Who wants a higher-paying job?
  • Who is looking for the most profit with a minor investment?

Mystery of …

You can use the word “secret” in headlines as an exciting idea to attract contacts.


  • The secret to creating a successful podcast
  • The secret of profitable investment

Here is a method that will help you …

To create better headlines, identify your target audience and the benefits you can offer them, and fill in the blanks in the headline above.


  • Here’s a way to help homeowners minimize their electricity consumption
  • Here’s a way to help readers retain content after reading it once

Lesser known ways to …

A fancier (and less common) way of doing the same thing is the title “Secret…”.


  • Little-known ways to save gas in your car
  • Lesser known methods for website optimization
  • Little available ways to lose weight fast and safely

Once and for all from the problem… get rid of

Another attractive headline is the phrase “once and for all.” It identifies a painful problem or an unfulfilled desire that the reader wants to address.


  • Get rid of unwanted hair once and for all
  • Get rid of that carpet stain once and for all
  • Get rid of laptop hangs once and for all

A quick way to (solve the problem)

When advertising headlines talk about solving an annoying problem, it automatically becomes attractive, and this headline can also be an attractive option.


  • A quick way to overcome a cold
  • A quick way to get rid of toothache
  • A fast way to backup hard disk

Now you can have (a condition or something).

Another attractive and classic online advertising headline refers to having something or a condition by reading and clicking on the ad. For example, the user feels he will gain expertise by reading the article related to the title he sees.


  • Now you can become an SEO professional
  • Now you can own an apartment with minimal investment
  • Now you can buy a professional laptop at the lowest market price

What everyone should know about …

Curiosity to know an issue can merge with the attractiveness of a headline and encourage the user to click and play.


  • What everyone should know about the corona vaccine
  • What everyone should know about the disadvantages of freelancing
  • What everyone should know about writing catchy headlines

A few (usually a number) warnings….

Using numbers in headlines is a great way to attract your audience. These numbers promise them, and headlines with numbers usually have higher click rates.


  • Seven early warning signs of high blood pressure
  • Seven warning signs of a computer virus
  • Seven steps to reach the first page of Google.

Common mistakes in …

If you’ve targeted your content well to your intended audience, one of the best headlines you can write will help people avoid common mistakes.


  • Common mistakes in content creation
  • Fatal errors in website SEO
  • Irreparable mistakes in mobile repairs

Warning: …

Another example of attractive online advertising headline is to Starting a headline with a warning or cautionary word. This headline is also an example of an attractive advertising headline.


  • Warning: Paying attention to these points will save you from a predicament
  • Warning: 2 out of 3 people in your field will be unemployed in the next five years – will you be one of them?

How …. made me …..

Use this structure when telling a personal story. The key to the most effective use of this headline formula is that the two blank spaces are in dramatic contrast. With this type of advertising headline, you can significantly increase the curiosity factor, and people are better and more attracted. As a result, this type of headline is one of the most attractive online advertising headlines.


  • How a simple trick saved my business from death
  • How a simple idea made me a billionaire
  • How I got a scholarship in the easiest possible way

Are you …. are you

Good use of a question title can capture the reader’s attention with curiosity or challenge. Such titles promise the reader that the common problem between writer and reader has been solved, and he needs to click to reveal its secret.


  • Are you embarrassed by the smells in your home? The solution is here.
  • Are you ready to learn marketing for your business and don’t know where to start?
  • Did you also have a drop in rank, and you don’t see the reason for your decline?

…(numbers) of ways….

This type of online advertising headline is one of the best formulas for writing a catchy headline sample online because it’s a “how to” that’s enhanced with specifics and impresses the potential reader with the number of tips you’ve got.


  • 101 ways to deal with stress
  • 21 ways to live a better life with less
  • Five ways to write attractive advertising headlines

If… Are you, you can …..

One of the great uses of this headline is that this headline addresses a specific type of person with a particular feature, and you can provide a beneficial promise to that person in the second space.


  • If you are a smoker, you can get rid of bad breath caused by smoking with this simple method
  • If you get tired quickly, reduce your fatigue to the lowest possible level by taking this medicine
  • If you are unemployed, by learning this skill, you can have a high-paying job in a few days


Writing attractive online advertising headlines requires creativity more than anything else. It is necessary to write and test different headlines to have a great headline with all psychological features.

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