With the presence of the Corona Pandemic worldwide, the advertising industry faced a partial halt and experienced significant changes. The advertising industry has also changed with reducing the Corona pandemic and returning to everyday life. What are the changes in the advertising industry? What are the new advertising trends in 2022? How to adapt to these changes? We discuss these changes in this article on the smart strategy blog. Stay with us.

Introducing advertising trends in 2022

Every year different marketing trends come, and we constantly see a lot of changes in digital advertising. Of course, all brands try to make the best use of the latest technologies and invent new innovative ways to be seen more often. But in the new era, it’s not just creating noise or engaging content that should be noticed. Trust building is an essential element that brands must also pay attention. After informing the target audience of the brand’s existence, businesses must communicate with their potential customers and prove themselves as reliable source of information to customers.

Short video ads

Analyzers estimated that mobile video advertising spending in the United States will reach $53.9 billion by 2025. They also expected that the most significant volume of these advertising expenses would be allocated to short video ads in the coming years. One of the most important reasons for the popularization of short videos is that today’s users and customers have little patience for watching long videos. More than 25% of adult users say they only watch a video after 10 seconds, and more than half report doing so after 20 seconds.

For this reason, research has shown that Instagram videos should be no longer than 30 seconds, and Twitter videos should be limited to 45 seconds to get the best feedback from advertising for brands.

A significant problem that brands face in video advertising is the “reject” button on video ads, which allows the user to reject the advertisement without viewing the entire ad. To beat this button on YouTube, some brands have turned to very short but incredibly catchy ads. Therefore, we suggest you look for short but attractive promotional videos in the coming years.

Videos without sound

The second advertising trend in 2022 is videos without sound. You must have encountered the issue that when you are on a website page, a loud and sometimes annoying video advertisement is played. Interestingly, 66% of people reported that they hate auto-playing video ads with sound, and even a study by LinkedIn found that 79% of videos on their platform are viewed without sound. Precisely for this reason, one of the advertising trends of 2022 is dedicated to silent videos, which is likely to be a suitable alternative to the previous type.

These types of videos are integrated into the content that the user reads. That is, when the user scrolls over them, they start playing without sound, and when they leave the user’s sight, they stop playing. In addition, subtitles in advertising videos are another method that can increase the time the user watches the video by 12%, and many advertisers have become inclined towards it.

Taking advantage of the popularity of mobile games

The third advertising trend in 2022 is using mobile games. In 2020, the download of mobile games increased by 45%, which has increased by 35% compared to 2019. This is even though nearly 70% of people say that they are willing to give up social media or even television but have their own mobile game.

Video games, which have become one of the most profitable industries, are a suitable place to run advertising campaigns. According to a report, users have said that they pay twice as much attention to display ads in mobile games than to advertisements on the Internet. In addition, there are display ads, banner ads, bonus ads, and interstitial ads that cause the game to stop, and even though these ads occupy 100% of the user’s screen, no one complains. This is because they like to see advertisements.

Artificial intelligence in advertising

With the advent of artificial intelligence, a new spark was ignited in the advertising industry and various businesses. Using this data analysis technology, identifying and targeting audiences, and even running advertising campaigns are no longer difficult and time-consuming.

Advertisers are increasingly using artificial intelligence tools to optimize ad display, increase click-through rates, improve bid levels, and accurately target audiences. Instead of humans spending days or weeks on these tasks, artificial intelligence tools can identify patterns in just a few seconds. See the data and predict the best way to run the campaign.

Influencer Marketing

The fifth advertising trend in 2022 is influencer marketing. As a brand, you should know that consumers and the target audience of your advertisements are looking for trust and authenticity in ads. This means that customers trust ordinary people more than brands, and influencer marketing is one of the ways that the advertising industry has brought to achieve this goal. In your influencer marketing method, people introduce their products and services to people in a way they know in exchange for the fees they receive from brands.

As we said, research has shown that users are 75% more receptive to advertisements made by ordinary people. In this regard, businesses, in addition to influencers whose work is brand advertising, many brands use their employees or even brand fans for advertising. they do.


In this article, we tried to introduce you to the latest advertising trends in 2022, but don’t forget that digital advertising strategies are changing rapidly because your customers spend more time on social networks every day, and advertising methods are becoming more repetitive, in their opinion. And it gets boring. Our suggestion is not to neglect the advantages of artificial intelligence in your advertising in the coming year and to benefit from trying new and creative methods. 

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