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How to Maximize conversion rate


This client has been running their Google Ads account for one year without implementing any conversion tracking which never fully allowed them to measure the successes of their pay per click digital ads. Although they understood the value of these online ads, their online presence and past campaign structures needed further optimizations and unfortunately, they didn’t have the digital knowledge or resources to complete these tasks. This led to a problem of never understanding if their advertising budget was being spent efficiently and if they were making a positive return on investment. 


 After the connection was made between SmartStrategy and this client they decided to create a partnership where SmartStrategy would provide the following services and set their Google Ads account up for continued success. 

  1. Tracking user behavior
  2. Set up conversion tracking across the Google Ads account
  3. Implement a campaign/ad group and keyword structure that follows best practices. 
  4. Optimize the campaigns on a daily basis to drive success and revenue for the client. 

Smart Strategy continues to partner with this client in creating fresh content for their ad while monitoring and optimizing Google Ads for results. 

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With a solid PPC strategy in place and conversion tracking set up and coded to their website, this client is retaining their existing customers and adding a significant number of new users across Canada. As a measure of success for the campaigns, an 8.33% conversion rate is being achieved across all paid search campaigns which have exceeded the goal the client set. 

This client also appears in position one on the Google Search Engine results page when anything related to their B2B industry is searched. This has led them to receive calls and completed lead forms from the website across Canada from users who are interested in their products and services.