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How defective keyword structure can waste budget spending


As a busy SMB with limited time, staff, and resources, this trademark company did not have the capacity or digital marketing knowledge to fully implement a Google Ads PPC marketing strategy that was going to be efficient and they would gain the optimal ROI from. Their past campaign structures were dated in terms of best practices, ad copy needed to be revised and refreshed and more focus was needed to be placed on keywords that were performing well in terms of budget allocation. This led to some wasteful budget spending, ads that users were being shown were not providing the most relevant information, and often their competitors were placed higher on the Google results page. 


The primary goal of this client was to increase the number of trademark sales that were driven through their website but to do this, everything had to be revamped across their PPC account from campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad copy. This sparked the relationship between SmartStrategy and the client where it was discussed that the following would be implemented. 

  1. More relevant search keywords would be taken from their website to improve the quality score of their ads. 
  2. A robust keyword structure that ensured best practices were implemented across the ad groups and campaigns. 
  3. Ad copy was revised and refreshed so that relevant ads were shown to users once a search was complete. 
  4. Continuous keyword analysis to ensure that budget was being spent correctly and allocation went to the correct campaigns

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After the new keyword structure was put in place, the budget was allocated correctly to each of their campaigns, ad copy was refreshed and campaigns were activated and optimized, a measure of success was that there was an 82% increase in Click-Through Rates across the paid search campaigns as a more relevant ad was driven to a highly qualified user. As there was an increase in the traffic quality also, this did lead to a 13% increase in revenue across all campaigns in the account. This client and SmartStrategy continue to partner today, exploring ways to improve performance even further and most importantly drive a higher ROI.