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This client specializes in online photography that creates personalized photo frames for people looking for presents for their loved ones. The company wanted to restructure its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising activities to improve revenue while reducing spending and then, therefore, improving overall return on investment. With the lack of resources and knowledge to effectively complete these tasks, the client had to explore options outside of their company and look for PPC experts. 


After the connection was made between this client and Smart Strategy, we analyzed their current PPC activity, scrutinizing each element for their structure in great detail to determine what optimization techniques that we could apply at a micro, as well as macro level, to improve overall performance and the help the account to run more smoothly. Smart Strategy then focused on developing the clients existing Google Shopping Campaigns as well as launching the search, display, and dynamic remarketing. Smart strategy also was part of the client’s website relaunch in July 2021, ensuring feeds were fully prepared in advance of go-live and closely monitoring performance afterward to minimize disruption and take advantage of any new opportunities presented themselves. This close collaboration between SmartStrategy and the client was a huge part of the success of their campaigns and for all parties that we involved in this digital strategy.

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This client has seen the following increases over the past number of months

  1. CPA across their shopping campaigns was reduced from $81.08 to $33.83 over 4 months after improvements to their feed, headline, and descriptions were made.
  2. Overall traffic from the display remarketing ads increased by 41% over 2 months.  
  3. Conversions numbers increased from up from 56 to 74 in the first two months after the website’s relaunch. 
  4. Conversion values rose from $128 to $167