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Increase the level of traffic of the website and convert website visitors into customers


This equipment manufacturing company approached the Smart Strategy PPC team following the success of their website restructure and SEO campaign that they had worked on for the past year. Now that their website was fully optimized, they wanted to increase the level of traffic to the website and more importantly convert website visitors into customers. They tasked our paid search expert with getting their relatively new Google AdWords to account up and running with a focus on campaigns structures, daily optimizations, building ad copy, and extensive keyword research across each of their products. 


Step 1 At the beginning of the relationship between smart strategy and the client the first step was working closely with them to gain a solid understanding of their products and services, what audiences they were looking to target, and to understand their marketing goals. This allowed us to determine where their advertising budget would have maximum impact and build our PPC strategy accordingly.

Step 2: Next was to ensure the completion of their Google Ads Account Setup so that we could properly set up conversion tracking and start creating remarketing audience lists. By segmenting our data and analyzing who was best interacting with our ads, we would be able to adapt our targeting and maximize ROI.

Step 3: Once we understood who we wanted to target and with what creatives, we performed extensive keyword research and selected advertising channels. As well as creating tailored ads that would entice click-through, we helped the client develop highly relevant and trustworthy landing pages that would maximize sales and ensure a return on their investment. 

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In the 3 months from July October 2021, the client has seen huge year-on-year improvements to key metrics across their paid search account. The strategy that we had created has secured more business inquiries while making more effective use of their advertising budget. The client was continually kept fully up to date with campaign performance dashboards, weekly notes on what optimizations were being made via our online project management system, and weekly campaign calls.