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Increasing website traffic of the largest job search platform


A company that is one of the largest job platforms, offering recommendations for job postings and company and salary information, needs to increase traffic to their website. People come to their website not only to search for jobs and submit applications, but also to get a variety of information related to job search and to receive quality interview preparation services.

In the first year after registering in Google Search Console and fixing crawling errors and proper indexing by Googlebot, the website traffic increased by 15%.


Marketers and website owners began to follow SEO and Search Console guidelines more closely and make other changes. The goal was to make changes to the site so Google Search would understand it better. They did some tasks like removing meta tags, using canonical URLs, and removing duplicate content. They examined the search gallery and applied appropriate structured data, starting with JobPosting, Breadcrumb and Estimated Content.

They also used various Google tools to improve their website. “Structured data errors are fixed by checking URLs with the Structured Data Testing tool. Other tools such as Mobile Friendly Test, AMP Test, and PageSpeed Insight provide valuable insights for improvement and help deliver a better user experience.


Over the next few months, they saw the red-coloured errors in the Search Console coverage chart gradually turn into valid green, and they knew they were on the right track. The incremental changes reached a tipping point and traffic began to increase at an accelerating rate. During the peak hiring season in September 2019, traffic doubled from the previous year.