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How to increase and facilitate content discovery.


this case study is about an online magazine that focuses on the latest developments in beauty, health and wellness. The biggest challenge for this company was the lack of an image-driven experience that would facilitate content discovery.


they wanted to provide their users with more comprehensive previews of step-by-step tasks. To be eligible for the how-to feature, they decided to test the structured how-to data for the corresponding articles on their website. They selected an article and applied markup along with images and text. They also tested the implementation with the Structured Data Testing Tool and can see the mobile version immediately.


they saw that their CTR for the first URL increased by 20%. They implemented structured how-to data for five more how-to articles to understand how this could work for them at scale. After a before-and-after analysis, they found that all articles with structured data showed positive results. As a result, they quickly expanded the implementation of markups to articles in other languages.