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Facebook ad strategy for a fashion company

The Problem

A fashion company wanted to increase the company’s sales and turn social advertising into a source of income for the company. They were looking for ways to increase their spending while maintaining profits through Facebook ads, a channel they had never worked for.

The Solution

We knew that social media was a necessary place they needed. We create Strategy for them on Facebook, start testing their audience and improve creativity to find a place for maximize their bottom line. We’ve changed our advertising strategy to run a creative audience that matches the buyer’s persona, while at the same time making it more consistent with the solution the customer was looking for.

The Result

In the primary month we made $55,466.20, a 21.3X Return on Ad Spend on a channel that formerly wasn`t getting used because it hadn’t achieved withinside the past. Their online sales continue to grow and Facebook advertising is now a main part of their overall strategy.