In many cases, business owners and organizations take their website security for granted and then pay a high price for their negligence. You may lose your private information or business data if your websites lack a vital SSL certificate. Unfortunately, business owners are unaware of website security concerns and technological advancements. Buying a ‘Secure Sockets Layer certificate (abbreviated as SSL) can save you from the terror of cybercrime. Please keep us in this article on the smart strategy blog for more information about the SSL certificate.

The most important reasons to use an SSL certificate

1. SSL certificate help to ensure website security

You must have received the message, “This website is not secure.” Most users close the corresponding browser tab after seeing this message. Because we all look forward to browsing secure websites. HTTPS comes into play here. S here means that the website is equipped with an SSL certificate.

Through this certificate, it is possible to prevent security violations on websites. Moreover, it provides you with secondary authentication as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) helps to send information only to the respective server, and any other device cannot access the data on the same server.

SSL is now more important due to the 2017 announcement by Google to flag websites that do not have an SSL certificate. Google displays a message in the address bar titled “Not Safe” for uncertified websites.

2. Increases search engine ranking for your website

It improves the site ranking in Google for websites with SSL certificates to ensure safe browsing for users. HTTPS will be used as an SEO ranking parameter. Consequently, it is recommended that you immediately install an SSL certificate for your website if SEO is your top concern. (which is the case)

Depending on the size of your website and its design, you can convert your HTTP website to HTTPS by following the simple steps mentioned.

  • Purchase an SSL certificate.
  • Install the certificate. If your website is on a shared hosting server, you can do this through the hosting company.
  • Change all links from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • You should redirect all traffic to the modified links to redirect the user from insecure web pages to the HTTPS version. If you don’t know enough about all the technical oddities of the World Wide Web, you can use technical assistance.
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and similar tools should be updated with secure pages for proper tracking.

ssl certificate ranking

3. Customers will see you as a trustworthy brand

An SSL certificate is essential even if you are not an e-commerce website. If your customers can’t trust you, they won’t visit your website or buy from you. So one of the factors that can increase the number of visitors to your website is showing that you care about their security, which is the best way to do it.

4. Improves website speed

Previously, people thought installing an SSL certificate would slow website loading. This is a myth. The fact is that HTTPS makes your websites load faster and thus improves website performance. This, in turn, improves your search engine optimization and helps you in your internet marketing.

5- The user experience on HTTPS websites gets better

Your customers are very aware of the importance of website security. Most of the time, your visitors are apprehensive about protecting their personal information. If your website has an SSL certificate, it will remove this fear and improve the user experience. This is true for e-commerce sites because the customer will not be afraid to make any payment on a secure site. Ultimately, this will improve your conversion rates and boost your business growth. Therefore, the return on investment of the security certificate is quite impressive.

6. SSL certificate helps to encrypt sensitive information

Creating a secure website allows you to encrypt all sensitive data transferred between two computers and from one computer to the server. This information includes credit card details, passwords, bank account numbers, and other financial information. SSL certificate prevents this data leakage and protects your information.

Types of SSL certificates

While every website should have an SSL certificate, not all websites need the same type of certificate. Three types of certification are widely available.

  • The most basic type of SSL certificate is a standard one. For example, a standard validation certificate or domain is suitable for blogs and personal websites.
  • A certificate of Organization Validation or OV is recommended for many online businesses and non-profits.
  • E-commerce websites are advised to secure an extended validation certificate known as EV.

DVs are the least expensive type of SSL certificate and the easiest to maintain. However, as you might expect, EVs are the most costly type of SSL certificate and the most difficult to secure and maintain. OVs are in the middle of that extreme in terms of cost and security level.


SSL is a form of security for websites. This protection establishes a secure connection between the user’s web browser and the web server it is visiting. For example, SSL certificates used to be reserved for e-commerce sites and other sites that processed sensitive information such as credit card numbers and private addresses.

In this article on smart strategy, we provide the most important reasons to use an SSL certificate. To ensure the correctness of your website performance, you can contact us or send your request from the smart strategy SEO services. 

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