Maybe every time you start a new SEO project, you have to face the dilemma of where to begin your work. Especially when the field of work is unique to you, this problem becomes more serious; Because you are not yet familiar with the terms and issues of the new area, nor do you have the necessary knowledge of the needs of customers or audiences of this field. In such cases, seed keywords as the main keyword of the article can help you find a starting point for any SEO project.

In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” we introduce seed keywords. we will dive deep into the seed keywords in this article from the smart strategy blog. If you also want to know what is Seed Keyword, keep us.

What is Seed Keyword?

To know what is Seed Keyword, you must first answer the question of where to start keyword research. Probably, you have chosen one or several main words in the desired field of work and proceeded based on it; These keywords are called seed keywords.

The seed keywords will be developed in the keyword research process, and your target keywords will be selected based on them. Usually, you have to choose the best possible guess for this word.

Imagine that when you start an SEO project, in the beginning, you don’t have much control over its field of work, and maybe you are not very familiar with its standard terms. In such cases, you should take some time to choose the initial word. You can get an idea from the answers to the following questions.

  • What is the topic of the site?
  • What product does it sell?
  • What keyword is it likely to rank for?
  • In what words can online ads be done?
  • Where do you start if someone wants to research the site’s field of work?

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If you choose your seed keywords correctly, you will hit a specific word or phrase. For example, if your site deals in the sale of motorcycles and their accessories, you will probably go for the phrase motorcycle at first guess; But the fact is that this word is very general, and there is a lot of competition.

It is challenging for new sites to rank in such a keyword. But if instead of a motorcycle, for example, you choose the phrase motorcycle repair guide or motorcycle accessories, you will have a higher chance of ranking in these terms; In addition, your keyword research strategy will proceed accordingly.

The importance and application of Seed Keywords in SEO

If you want to know what is the use of Seed Keyword? It is necessary to note that all SEO activities of your site start from Seed Keyword. The advantages of using these words include the following:

  • Using seed keywords will focus all your activities and efforts on a specific topic. As a result of this work, your site content’s thematic and semantic connection is preserved, and different site pages get better rankings from Google.
  • Long tail keywords are one of the most important things that help you rank your site and attract potential customers. Once you’ve found your site’s seed keywords, your SEO strategy goes in a specific direction.
  • Correctly identifying product categories is one of the challenges of SEO experts at the beginning of a site. Searching for seed keywords will help you better identify product categories or articles on your site and use them to formulate your content strategy.

How to find the seed keywords or main keywords

After introducing seed keywords, the most critical question is, what is the method of finding seed keywords? In finding these words, you should note that the seed words are the basis of the long tail words of your site. Therefore, seed keywords usually have a high search volume, but competition is fierce.

Of course, you shouldn’t worry about this heavy competition because you’re not going to target seed keywords initially, but you want to use them and build long-tail keywords. So then you make it a point to create content for long-tail keywords to rank them.

Next, we will examine the most important methods of finding seed keywords for active sites and newly established sites:

how to find seed keywords

Finding seed keywords for active sites

If your site is up and running, choosing primary keywords from which you have inbound traffic but haven’t worked is best. Then, when you can input these phrases without any particular activity, you can attract more information with more work.

You can use the Google search console to find such terms. In the Performance Search Console report, all the times you enter through Google’s organic search will be shown to you. Sort the words based on impressions; The ones with the most images are the best bids for choosing seed keywords.

Another way to find seed keywords is to look at your competitors. Several sites rank well for your desired keywords in whatever field you operate in. These sites have taken the path you will take earlier and have achieved success; Therefore, the best role models for you are these competitors.

Just search for a few of the keywords you want to rank for and select the sites that rank highly for those keywords. These sites are your competitors.

One of the tools you can use to check your competitors and their keyword areas is SEO Jet. SEO Jet helps you find the keywords your competitors are ranking for. Just enter the list of your competitor’s sites, and SEO Jet will show you the words for which these sites are ranked.

Find seed keywords for new sites.

When you are about to start SEO activities for a new site, you are entering a new world. The world of a business that you are probably not very familiar with is the market environment. Therefore, you must use sources other than your site to find seed keywords.+

In this case, the first source or sources you can consider are your competitors’ sites. Just search for one or more terms that you guessed to get started. Avoid places like Wikipedia that rank for most words in the search results.

Other sites ranked in your desired keywords and operating in the same space as yours are considered your competitors. Feed these sites to the Jet SEO tool and find the keywords they rank for. You can get ideas for seed keywords from these words.

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Related Google searches

When you search for a term in Google, in addition to the search results, Google also shows you several similar search terms. You will find these searches at the bottom of the results page. Similar investigations are based on words that have been searched the most by Google users; You can get help from them to find the seed keyword.

Google Rich Snippets

Google provides additional information on the same search results page when searching for specific terms. Among this information, some questions are displayed under the title People also ask. These are questions similar to your search topic that many users search for. Like related searches, you can use these questions to identify suitable seed keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that helps you a lot with keyword research. This Google tool is designed initially to research suitable words for Google Ads, but you can also get ideas for seed keywords. By entering any comment in this tool, it displays a long list of similar words and phrases that users are searching for; In addition, it also shows the search volume of each one. Of course, you should note that the keywords suggested by Planner are for Google ads. For this reason, you should be careful to use it in organic search and get help from it as much as you can get ideas.

Getting ideas from the audience

Usually, many of the terms used in a field of work are created and used by the audience or users of that field. Maybe even the terms used by users differ from the specialized terms of the relevant field. Therefore, the terms and literature used by the audience and users of your work area are essential sources for getting seed keyword ideas. In addition, these same users are supposed to communicate with your site, so you need to use their literature.

To find the literature and terms of users, you should go to social networks, forums, and comments on different sites. Platforms, places, and pages of your field of work are where many audiences express their opinions and raise their questions. These comments are where you can find seed keywords.

How to use Seed Keyword?

Now that you are familiar with the methods of finding seed keywords, it is time to answer the question, what is the technique for using them?

While there is a lot of competition for these words, they have a high search volume, so if you rank for them, you can attract a lot of traffic. Therefore, you must follow the necessary principles in using them to achieve the desired goal.


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It would help if you used the seed keywords on the main page of your site. The home page is the most crucial page of your site because it is where you link to other pages of your site and other sites; As a result, they have a good chance to rank in the seed words.

It is better to work on long-tail keywords on the site’s subpages and invasion the main page for seed words. Then give internal links from all your subpages to the main page.

It would help if you used these words in your title tag and meta description to target them. However, the title tag gives you up to 60 characters, and you have up to 160 characters for the meta description. As a result, using many words in them is impossible.

Therefore, you should be careful not to target too many seed keywords on the site’s main page; this will affect the internal SEO of the site. The maximum number of seed words you can target on your homepage is three.


In this article on innovative strategy, we tried to provide a complete answer to the question of what is Seed Keyword. While keyword research is one of the most essential and fundamental parts of any site’s SEO, choosing the right seed keyword can steer your keyword research in the right direction.

You can guess these words by checking that area’s target market and customers. Also, using Google search results, similar Google searches, and Keyword Planner can help you find the seed keyword.

Additionally, competitor analysis is the most important thing you can do to find your primary keyword. You can get ideas for your seed keyword by looking at the words your competitors are ranking for. Tools like SEO Jet help you analyze your competitors and find their keywords. Pleascontactth us through the smart strategy SEO service page if you have any questions.

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