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15 effective types of push notification advertising

Published By: Elham

Published On: September 22, 2022

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Push notification advertising is a kind of online advertising sent directly to the intended user’s digital device, so they don’t necessarily compete for space on the publisher’s website.

Due to their nature, push notification ads often have a good share of click-through rates (CTR). The click rate of push notification ads varies from 0.5% to 3%. This article on the smart strategy blog explains you push notification advertising entirely.

How does push notification advertising work?

Scheduled push notifications are automatically sent to users on a specific schedule you set for them. So, for example, when launching an event, you can also send push notifications to users who left your application without completing the purchase process. This way, you can bring your customers back to your app with relevant, rich, compelling content wherever they are and re-engage.

The types of push notification advertising you can have

1. Flash Sale

Sending push notifications with the aim of selling is one of the most common push notification advertisements. In a time-sensitive sales process, webcasting can be helpful because it is sent directly to the digital device screen of the site’s subscribers and is often viewed quickly.

Use this model for campaigns where you specify the sale’s end time. In this way, you can ensure that push notifications are not sent to buyers after the end of the sale period, and the user experience of this process will be positive.

2. Product launch

You can use a push notification campaign to introduce your new product. You can market the product by pre-launch registration, sharing its features, and organizing a launch day event.

3. Push notification advertising related to special days and events

You can use push notification campaigns during special events such as national holidays. Use push notifications to welcome and encourage shoppers on a special occasion and remind them to complete their purchase to receive the product on time. You can even offer a special discount for that special occasion to encourage more customers to buy.

4. Helpful tips as a push notification advertising

Many brands use push notifications to add valuable information to their customers. They share their products’ essential and practical points with their customers. You can write an article that is valuable to your audience in the blog, and by embedding a button in the push notification campaign, direct them to the blog.

5. Push notification Advertising for new collections

Advertise your new product collection and highlight the benefits of buying from this collection. You can also make these campaigns interactive by asking questions and getting feedback from buyers.

6. Promotion of previous products

You don’t need to offer a new product to send push notification ads; you can advertise your best-selling products or products that haven’t sold yet by sending push notifications. In your ad, specify why this product is worth buying.

7. limited edition

If you sell limited edition products, you can get more sales by promoting them. Use content like “unique sample” or “exclusive sale” to attract the audience.

8. Back to stock

If you have a popular and best-selling product recently released, you can send a push notification campaign to inform your subscribers that the product is back in stock. Instill a sense of urgency in these messages so that the customer considers time sensitivity.

You don’t need to advertise the restocking of all products by sending push notifications. Alternatively, you can enable back-in-stock notifications to allow buyers to opt-in. Those who have activated the alarm will receive a push notification as soon as the product is re-released, and in this way, they will be sure that they will not lose awareness of the warehouse stock.

9. Buy more, save more.

Another sales tactic brands use is “buy more, save more.” Publishers can use Such advertising quickly with a push notification campaign. However, we do not recommend using this method to a large extent.

10. Video subscription

If you have shared a video on your blog or Instagram, you can direct more users in that direction with push notifications and get more views. In addition, shoppers are more likely to engage with brands that share meaningful content than those whose ads are purely sales-based.

12. Using customer satisfaction

You can send push notifications to your customers from their quotes. You can even use the picture customers send about the product’s satisfaction in the push notification. Doing this can increase your credibility and convince customers to buy. For example, this campaign model is suitable for skin care or fitness products.

13. Personalized push notification advertising

You can make your campaigns more effective by personalizing them for your target subscribers. For example, advanced features such as user segmentation allow you to target specific subscribers based on conditions such as those who have not yet purchased, once-purchased buyers, etc. This way, you can convert those who haven’t bought yet into customers, bring back previous customers, target buyers in a particular geographic location, etc.


This article on smart strategy discusses different types of push notifications and the condition of using each one.

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