Probably the first thing that comes to your mind after learning about the four unique features of the Mum algorithm is the transformation it makes in user experience. With the changes made by this algorithm and using structured data and rich snippets in SERP, products with unique and diverse features entered the search results.

With the MUM algorithm, you no longer need to go to the online store page because Google collects live and updated data from online stores and displays them to the user in the form of a centralized database. This way, when you are looking to buy hiking shoes, a page with an attractive visual environment will be displayed, showing you all kinds of sizes and colors of hiking shoes. In this space, structured data and rich snippets significantly impact the performance of the google Mum algorithm, which we explain in this article on the Smart Strategy blog.


structured data, rich snippets, and user experience

The mum algorithm collects online shop search information through structured data and rich snippets and provides it to users. Matt Madrigal, Vice President of Online Stores and Senior Manager of Google Online Business, says:

“We get the information we need directly from the stores, and we also analyze and evaluate how the features of the products communicate.”

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Google is always looking for genuine, valid, and accurate data. In this way, only stores can experience SERP-based sales whose content can be well understood and processed by Google structure data.

This is where the importance of up-to-date information, structured data, and rich snippets becomes clear. It is interesting to know that Google also cares about the inventory of your site’s products and the shopping experience of previous customers in the product rating or survey section!


Google partners with Shopify to improve the search experience based on structured data and rich snippets.

Shopify is a cloud-based shopping service provider that various stores use all over America and Europe as a platform to sell their products. To increase visibility for sellers, Google is expanding its partnership with Shopify to introduce a simple process for Shopify’s 1.7 million active sellers to sell their products on Google with just a few simple clicks.

This partnership enables Shopify sellers to find potential customers from user searches on Google, Shopping, YouTube and Google Images, and other parts of the web and reach more and newer users. Of course, this feature is currently active in European and American countries.


structured data in the mum algorithm
structured data in the mum algorithm

MUM algorithm and In-store inventory index for online store

In the previous section, we said that Google wants to use the MUM algorithm to bring products from the online store to the SERP. In this process, stores that have provided more complete statistical data through structured data and rich snippets have a greater chance of being seen.

Google has defined an In-store inventory index for the MUM algorithm, which analyzes online stores by evaluating the variety and inventory of goods, site availability, user interaction in the comments section, product quality, and continuous sales. In addition to these cases, the Mum algorithm evaluates other criteria for the In-store inventory index of online stores.

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10 In-store inventory indicators for evaluating online stores

  1. Detailed information that is updated in real-time
  2. Mobile friendly and site optimization for mobile devices (phones and tablets)
  3. The high user experience of the site and core web vitals
  4. Using standard store codes
  5. Sale without time limit on supply
  6. Providing honest and accurate product information
  7. Genuine customer feedback and comments
  8. Available stock
  9. No promotion of out-of-stock products
  10. Easy ways for customers to connect with the store


You may imagine that with the effects of the MUM algorithm and the use of rich snippets and structured data in online store search results, online sales and SEO of online stores are no longer accessible, and the path has become more complex. But the fact is that if you can provide an effective resume and a product that matches the customer’s needs on the results page, you will receive thousands of simple clicks, except for the solid organic impression.

Additionally, you can make site images searchable and increase your site’s potential to attract a large portion of image-based product searches by re-indexing photos. Of course, this feature was launched on September 29, 2021, and only in English in the US and selected markets including the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us through the smart strategy SEO service.