One of the most critical technologies that have significantly transformed the search experience is the search on pictures. By adding the MUM intelligence technology to Google Lens, Google has used its new technologies to respond to users’ needs and enter a new stage of site ranking.

SOP technology alongside Google Lens allows users to ask Google about what they see and get relevant answers in the form of images. For example, imagine you like a men’s shirt design and looking for socks with the same design.

To bring you the right results, Google searches the entire web using machine learning technology and provides you the only images you are interested in with complete information and details. This article on the brilliant strategy blog talks about the MUM intelligence technology and google lens and their impact on user search experience.

MUM intelligence technology and Google Lens on Chrome Desktop

With the addition of MUM intelligence technology and Google Lens to the Google Chrome desktop, users can select a part of the image they like with google lens and see related photos next to the Google SERP.

The new results are displayed next to the main page because we only cut a part of the content, and our goal is to compare the results, and we may go back to the main page. You’ve probably seen similar technology before on the Pinterest social network.

In total, Google Lens technology and the MUM algorithm have made such a change in the search results page that, according to Mrs. Elizabeth Hamon Reid, the vice president of Google’s search and user experience engineering team, users can establish a better relationship with the world based on MUM and these three words forever Remember:

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inspiration | exploration | purchase



The unveiling of the MUM intelligence technology is an important event that will change the quality of the search experience and will take the SEO path out of the previous classical rules. In the new space, there is no news of unhealthy competition, black hat techniques, and methods of buying added value to improve the site ranking.

All online stores should bring their products to the results page with rich content, updated information, and professional SEO and enter Google’s shopping graph with the help of digital marketing methods. This is not a matter of choice, but the most crucial task of an online store is to supply goods with structured commercial and conceptual data and honest information.