SEO management report has important details from an employer’s point of view. In this article on the smart strategy blog, we will examine it for having the best possible results. So join us at the end of the article.


What is SEO Management Report?

Examining information on social networks is much easier than on other platforms. Just post on one social network and see all kinds of feedback in less than 24 hours.

Analyzing and reporting in this environment is so easy and be done without any need for special knowledge and expertise. However, this issue is quite different in the field of SEO.

Understanding the SEO report has certain complexities. However, an essential thing about this field is that SEO means planting today and harvesting in the coming months.

Investing in SEO is a long-term investment. The accuracy of SEO reports cannot be seen quickly in a limited time and makes the violations in this area very complex. However, just by having the right SEO contract, you can ensure the accuracy of things done.


seo management report
SEO report details


What are the main parts of SEO?

SEO has several aspects that are divided into two main parts: On-Page and Off-Page. In the On-Page section, there are activities such as finding keywords, producing the necessary content (in text, audio, and video formats), fixing technical problems, and investing in content creation.

The off-page section includes activities such as ad reporting, creating links such as internal and external links, and establishing proper connections.

After completing all of these sections correctly, we need at least three months or even more to determine the results of these activities. However, as a webmaster or business owner, how can you ensure that these things are done perfectly? How do you get the SEO management report?


What are the different types of SEO management reports?

We have two reports in the SEO department that are presented to managers. These two sections are called Active Report and Passive Report.

Active Report

In Active Report, three necessary factors are significant:

  1. What keywords will be selected, and what search do we want to appear on the browser pages?
  2. By analyzing our competitors, we need to know what competitors are in the selected keywords. What is the level of activity of each? What are their rankings?
  3. How do you do things and execute processes?

passive report

The passive report includes two main parts of the active account. The central part of the Passive Report is the two sections of reporting keywords and presenting the monthly information on where we are.

These can be done using different tools and is not manual task. For example, by examining the selected keyword in the selected device, a report will present your current ranking. How much progress or decline have you made using this keyword? In the same environment, you can also analyze your competitors.

The second part of the Passive Report examines the progress and changes of competitors in the market. Together, these two form the Passive Report. The good results of the SEO management report mean that SEO implement correctly. Otherwise, we will notice that the SEO process does not execute correctly.

In fact, by comparing passive reports, active reports, and metrics such as position, we can determine the accuracy of work. In this regard, it is impossible to specify a definite time and interval. For example, you may get the necessary result in agriculture with a specific unit of activity.

But in tourism, with ten training teams (time, energy, and resources), you don’t achieve the desired results and are not even close to it. So, we need to know that your success and progress depend only on your field of work and even the keywords you want.


How do we have a complete report?

To have a complete SEO management report and check the progress, check the figures and numbers of the words in the intervals of one month, three months, six months, and one year. According to these reports, you can get an understanding of your progress. But, of course, there are cases where even these numbers cannot show you real progress. For example, if an SEO expert promises you the number of visits, specific ranking, or inappropriate metrics in the SEO contract, Using incorrect or unchangeable keywords or using wrong methods like Black Hat will give your site good results and numbers. In this case, you will achieve a good position only for a short time, but this position is temporary and doesn’t guarantee your success under any title.

So, the most important thing to do as a business manager is to define the right metrics for SEO and ensure that the process is done correctly and that this section does not use the wrong tricks and shortcuts.

compelet seo report
complete SEO report


Final Summary of SEO Management Report

One of the best and most logical ways to monitor your progress for your site optimization to improve your business is to use a variety of SEO management reports. The main point is that this report has various aspects; only complete and sufficient mastery in this field can help you be sure of its accuracy. A significant part of this is to write the right SEO contract.

Only with a thorough contract; can you have confidence in the reports you receive. The smart strategy recommends that if you do not know the SEO management report’s accuracy, use reputable regulatory authorities’ services to help you. If you have questions or need guidance, you can request a free proposal from our smart strategy SEO services page.  visit our linkedin profile to see our content summaries.