Performance marketers are constantly thinking of ways to optimize their advertising campaigns. But sometimes, in experiments and analyzes, a primary element that is ignored is creativity. So here are some creative ways to improve campaign performance. These methods are based on decades of experience in performance marketing. In this article on the smart strategy blog, we provide you with 4 creative tactics for improving performance marketing. Keep us to the end of the article.

Better and different images of the product

How many times have you re-edited the text of an ad, changed the font color and size, but used the same image for that ad that you have used for the past year? Just because a picture has gotten good feedback in the past shouldn’t stop you from changing it. However, it is better to take another snapshot of the product and use it. When images are overexposed over time, they become useless. So regularly prepare new product images and use fresh images in campaigns.

A good tactic is to change the images and coordinate them with the seasons. For example, you can change the images’ shape according to the summer or winter season or add a related element to the image during the holidays. (Of course, don’t forget which hemisphere your target audience is in!)

More creative performance marketing campaigns

Beyond changing product images, performance marketing campaigns with more creative ideas in running ads are more successful. When you categorize your marketing efforts to keep each campaign relevant and on track, you need creativity to execute each campaign in a personalized way.

Creativity is the most crucial element in advertising and has the largest share of sales. So after allocating resources to the segment and targeting your customers, use the most personalized creatives for each campaign.

More creative units and channels for improving performance marketing

Adding new media is an effective method. One of the channels suggested to performance marketers is local marketing. From local SEO to localizing ad campaigns on social networks are adequate. This is also effective for products and services with local demand.

Mobile videos are one of the creative units in performance marketing. 94% of marketers say that the importance of mobile video in marketing has doubled in recent years, and 70% of marketers prefer videos of less than 15 seconds on mobile. When many people migrated from desktops to mobiles, doing activities on mobiles took shape and grew that no one imagined until a few years ago. Therefore, if video marketing has not yet been included in your performance marketing, add it to your strategies.

Another channel that has become important in performance marketing is retargeting. Retargeting allows performance marketers to re-engage with those users who downloaded the app but didn’t progress through the funnel. Results measurement and campaign analysis tools show that retargeting technology can accurately determine how profitable each campaign is, and implementing retargeting as part of the user acquisition funnel adds to the effectiveness of this process.

Dynamic creative optimization

Dynamic creative optimization is a new technology that makes performance marketers and retargeting more successful. This technology facilitates the creation of an ad in real time based on various creative elements such as headlines, images, ad text, and call-to-action. The dynamic ad directs the user to the appropriate place in the app based on their intent in the funnel.

In addition to routine marketing tips, you should pay special attention to the creative side of advertising to get maximum productivity in performance marketing. What is the contribution of creativity in your advertising campaigns? Have you compared the results after the creative performance with before? How has it been for you?

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