In the world of business, advertising is one of the most important and beneficial, which helps to gain more customers and helps a business run effectively in the market. Parallelly, the importance of online advertising is rising day by day, and there are different forms of it. PPC is an abbreviation of Pay-Per-Click. It is one of the forms of online advertising.

Pay-per-click campaigns are the most effective and successful marketing form, which involves comprehensive, logical, organized structure, keyword research, and management. PPC is the most beneficial because advertisers ensure a cost whenever users click their advertisement. It will help if you read this article once to learn more about pay-per-click, its functioning, and its finest platforms. So without squandering away your precious time, let’s start discussing PPC. 


What is PPC?

Pay-per-click or PPC is a form of online marketing in which advertisers place ads on an advertisement platform and pay a fee every time the user clicks on their ads. Pay-per-click advertising offers a person to pay a cost to have a website on the SERP when a user looks for a phrase or keyword in search engines. The cost advertisers have to pay depends on where the users click on given ads or purchase a product. You can find PPC ads on the search engine result page before and to the right of organic search results. 

You can earn priority when you work well on pay-per-click. That is why PPC management is essential to get the best results. If you build up a perfect product for users, you can get a significant return on investment. To run pay-per-click marketing efficiently, it is essential to focus and allocate the right time to every aspect that needs more work, such as enhancing your business quality, growing it, and taking care of the users. 

To learn more about PPC, you should know about the following terms that are the elements of pay-per-click campaigns. 


CPC is the abbreviation of cost-per-click, which an advertiser has to pay for every click of their ads. An advertiser needs to set a maximum amount of CPC which a person wants to spend on a click. CPC is determined by the maximum bid a person wants to pay per click on the ad. 


Both CPC and CPM act the same. CPM is the abbreviation of cost-per-mille, also known as cost per thousand. CPM is one of the popular display and social ads. It costs per one thousand impressions. 


Search Engine Marketing is a basic form of digital advertising that organically targets the ranking keyword. But it is not crucial that all the pay-per-click advertising comes under SEM. 


A pay-per-click campaign is the first step for setting up the PPC advertising as it is the key message you want to fall into your ads. 

Ad Group

Building up a collection of advertisements within your PPC campaign would be best, depending on the targeted keywords.

Ad Text

Ad text informs the user about the advertisement, so the targeted keywords you choose for your ad should match with your text to increase the quality score. 


Keywords are the terms that help inform search engines about the search queries advertisers want the ad to show in the search engine result pages. You should remember that keywords should match the ad group and text, and they should be exhaustive, relevant, and expansive.

Landing Page

A landing page is a key to pay-per-click marketing. It is a page where a customer will land up after clicking on the ad. 

How Does PPC Work?

As discussed, pay-per-click is an internet ad model that advertisers have to pay cost every time a user clicks on the ads. Every time a person searches for something. An auction starts taking place for relevant keywords. Then the search engine chooses a set of search results and shows the valuable ad on the page. This auction acts by combining many elements, such as the quality of the ad and bid amount. The maximum the quality and the bid of the advertisement, the higher it shows on the search engine result page, the better you will get. 

These auctions are the critical elements of the PPC and help to run it swiftly. It is essential to work well on PPC management and focus on all the campaigns as they work interrelatedly. 

Best PPC platforms

After learning about PPC and its works, now you need to know about the platforms that allow you to advertise your products. There are various PPC platforms where people can spend their ad money and take advantage of PPC. But it would assist you and be better for you if you kept in mind that the most effective PPC platforms and helps get more benefits. After choosing a desirable platform, the other main thing is to choose a relevant keyword.

Below is a list of the most effective pay-per-click platforms you should know about and consider advertising. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most known PPC platforms and search engines. Google is the most frequently used by everyone as it offers the best results in just a blink. Google processes millions of search queries every single second. It is the largest platform that small and large business people use. But the limitation of google ads is that keywords are very competitive. 

Bing Ads

Being another version of Google Adwords, Bing ads play a significant role in pay-per-click advertising. It has a lower cost per click charge. 

Microsoft Ads

This platform shows advertisements of Microsoft or Yahoo search engines, this platform helps businesses to build a better customer journey.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is a paid ads platform, and in fact, it’s the most popular social media PPC platform. Facebook offers advertisers targeted users for their ads depending on location, interests, demographics, and behaviors. This platform also provides native ads shown on social media feeds.  

Ad Roll

AdRoll PPC platform advertises the ad to the people who have already searched for the keywords and visited your website. You can say that this platform calls the previous user again. It helps you show the ads on other platforms such as Google or social media PPC platforms


Understanding the pay-per-click in a broad sense helps your businesses to get a smart customer journey and thereby the potential customers. SmarStrategy, one of the best digital marketing companies in Canada, provides a range of digital marketing services, including PPC and its management. Our online marketing professionals are highly experienced and can lead your businesses to the next level. Please contact us to help you with PPC marketing.