On page SEO includes all the principles we do inside the site to achieve better results in search engines and increase site traffic, and is directly related to the density of keywords and metatags. The article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” introduces on-page SEO. Continuing this article on the smart strategy blog will discuss what is on-page SEO, on page SEO checklist and Off-page vs. on-page SEO


What is On page SEO?

On-Page SEO, which is also known as basic SEO, includes various things such as content, coding, technical implementation, structure, and site appearance. Website managers should make every effort to optimize the results of website design and content creation for search engines.

The on page SEO process is divided into two parts: technical SEO (structural) and content SEO. Its processes focus on ranking and lead to successful online marketing.


what is on page seo

Off-page vs. on-page SEO

When on-page SEO is in good condition, we can expect external SEO to be fruitful. Therefore, site optimization should start inside the site and then turn to external SEO.

When we review clients’ websites, we see that most of the websites, even the big and famous ones, have many errors in the internal part. These problems should be corrected before any action, and then we should use other SEO techniques. The importance of this matter is evident from the fact that once the internal problems of SEO are solved, all external measures will be effective.


What does on page SEO include?

The structural or technical problem disrupts the user’s movement on the site and leads to confusion. Such a user is expected to leave the website and stop buying. In technical SEO, we fix programming mistakes so users can easily access what they need.

  • Content SEO

The entry of professional marketers and writers into the SEO field brought specialized content production into a new arena. This way, Google’s algorithms were transformed, and the value of content and text optimization multiplied. During this time, many of the black hat SEO techniques have disappeared.

On-page SEO checklist

In implementing the strategy, it is necessary to consider the on page SEO checklist. Below are some of the most important on-page SEO checklist:

  • Appropriate and intelligent use of metatags
  • Determining page titles correctly and based on SEO principles
  • Choosing the proper structure for links
  • Using responsive templates
  • Attention to the loading speed of the website 
  • Registration of the site map in Google
  • Attention to the internal links of the pages

On-page SEO checklist

What is necessary for on page SEO?

Content is directly effective in marketing and site ranking. In recent years, Google has given great importance to content and repeatedly emphasized this point. Various algorithms, such as the Panda algorithm, have been prepared to check the quality of content.

The most significant factor that harms the site’s ranking is duplicate content. Also, low-quality content (Thin Content) is identified by Google and will give you a negative score.

Key points to improve the quality of content:

  • Continuously produce valuable and appropriate content in your business field.
  • Choose keywords wisely and use them appropriately and in sufficient numbers in the text.
  • Use attractive and SEO-friendly paragraphs, titles, and subtitles.
  • Use keywords in different forms and with their families in the text.
  • Produce content for your audience and optimize it for search engines.
  • Each article will have only one H1 tag, and be careful in choosing other metatags.
  • Content is not just text; attention to the importance of images and infographics.

What are the characteristics of an ideal built-in SEO page?

  • Have exclusive and high-quality content
  • Content should explain a topic or object and have a specific purpose
  • A link has been given to the Homepage page
  • Linked to the categories page
  • The title of the page should start with the main keyword.

Although internal SEO is a critical and influential element in SEO, external SEO should also be considered. Otherwise, you cannot expect your SEO strategies to succeed. Desired results are always achieved with great effort. If the site’s internal and external SEO simultaneously has good quality, achieving top Google rankings will be natural.

built in seo page


What services does Smart Strategy provide in the field of on page SEO?

The smart strategy identifies:

  •  The website codes, 
  • The overall structure of the site, menus, and categories. 
  • Looks at images to increase page loading speed 
  • Modifying the website’s URL structure.
  • Suggesting suitable keywords 
  • Link building.
  • Creating new content. 

In this article on smart strategy, we dive deep into different sides of on-page SEO.

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