Online businesses need advertising in different spaces to be seen, attract customers and succeed in online competition. But maybe you have entered a site, faced many annoying ads, and left the site without taking any particular action. Native Ads is a kind of advertising that makes it possible to display ads in harmony with the content and user interface of the site. As a result, The probability of staying on the page, viewing other site contents, and rising ctr increases. In this article on the smart strategy blog, we will explain the different conditions of use for each other. Keep us to the end of the article. 

What are native ads?

Native Ads is a type of online advertising that is more effective and drives more traffic to the site due to its compatibility and uniformity with the other contents on the website. Usually, users do not pay attention to items other than the site’s main content and easily skip the advertisements. The way native ads work is that when the audience reads the site’s content, they also see related ads. This way, the probability of paying attention to the ad and clicking on it increases. 

It is also possible that some users visit a website several times and are familiar with the placement of advertising posters and pass them by without paying attention, so Native Ads help to attract the attention of such contacts and increase the level of targeting.

All kinds of native ads

Publishers do native ads in two ways: natural and retargeting. Retargeting means showing ads to people who have visited your site at least once and probably need your content and products. 

In general, native ads are presented in five ways:

Banner ads

They are like other advertising banners and posters on many sites and applications. Still, their difference is the coordination of these posters with the site’s content and user interface. 

Advertising in search engines

These ads are displayed in user search results and are like other pages that come up in organic search, except that words like AD distinguish them.

Recommended widgets

This method usually places ads as suggested content at the end of the website or on social networks. Because they look similar to other main components, the user will assume that these widgets are an offer from the publisher and will be likelier to click on them.

In-content advertising

In-content advertisements are placed right in the middle of the site’s content and are distinguished from other components only by words such as Ad and Sponsored. These tags remind the audience that what they are reading is advertising.

Advertising lists in online shopping

If you have ever made an online purchase from the site, when you search for a specific product, several related and similar products will be displayed to you, which are identical advertisements.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service where you have to pay for each user’s click. You can specify the keywords you want, and users will see your ad at the top of the results by searching for these words or similar phrases. The cost of each click or PPC is different according to the importance and competitiveness of your business.


pay per click ads
pay per click ads

The difference between native ads and Google Ads

You are familiar with native ads and Google Ads, but the question arises: What is the difference between the two?

Due to their compatibility with the original environment and differentiation from other types of ads that usually annoy and discourage users, native ads are highly effective in terms of visibility and click rates.

Since in Google ads, you display ads based on the audience’s needs in Google results, you get closer to the target audience and the probability of site visits, click rates, and sales increases.

Google AdWords offers its services in two ways: search and display network. In the search, users search for specific or similar keywords in the search engine, and they will see your ad in the first results. In the display network, ads will be displayed in the form of banners, images, videos, or text on related and partner Google sites. But native ads are more diverse in this case and are presented in the form of banners, search engines, suggested widgets, interstitials, and advertising lists in online shopping.

In terms of cost, both methods charge an amount per click. The difference is that the Google Ads provider is Google, and the native ads are provided by sites and publishers with a large audience and are highly reputable among users.

Another difference between these two methods is the users who view these ads. Google AdWords advertising service contacts search for similar terms and need the content and services displayed for them, so the click and conversion rates are high in this method. On the other hand, the content of matching advertisements may not be very similar to the content of the supplier’s site. Therefore, users can skip it without paying attention, and the number of clicks and visits will decrease.

Is Google AdWords better or Native ads?

Which advertising method is best depends on the size and volume of the business. For example, suppose there is a lot of competition in your business field. In that case, using Google advertising campaigns usually costs a lot because the competition for some keywords is high. Therefore, you must pay a lot to get your desired content at the top. 

But if you don’t have a problem with funding, we must say that Google AdWords has better results because your ads are shown to those who need these services, products, and content, and there is a greater chance of visits and CTR.

On the other hand, native ads, because they do not have the appearance of advertisements, encourage many people to click on them. in other words, they have a high chance of becoming viral and shared. Native ads should have helpful content and be placed on sites related to the topic. Secondly, they should be implemented best by spending time and performing various tests, including A/B testing.


Native advertising is one of the most popular types of online advertising, which is especially important due to its low cost compared to other advertising methods. Therefore, if it is used with helpful content and a suitable strategy, it will positively affect the business.

Google AdWords can also be a good option for different businesses due to its high efficiency in the shortest time and providing complete and comprehensive reports on the campaign’s success rate.

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