SEO Consulting discussions are some of the hottest topics for businesses. If you plan to expand your business, you will likely encounter digital marketing and SEO.

SEO is one of the essential tools to achieve business goals, but what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and cannot be considered a specific task. This part of digital marketing is a set of tasks that help improve the ranking of a site or blog in a search engine. As a result of SEO techniques, the site is displayed as the highest and best result of users’ searches. Many experts work in this field and help various collections and organizations to develop their businesses in this way. This is the simplest definition of the SEO process and SEO consultants. However, as this issue continues, more questions arise: Who are the SEO consultants? What are their responsibilities? How can we identify the best SEO consulting team? In this article on the smart strategy blog, we intend to answer all the essential questions regarding SEO by carefully and thoroughly examining these topics. So, whether as an employer or as an interested person in this field, stay with us until the end of the article and get answers to your questions about SEO consulting and how experts in this field work.

SEO Consulting

To scrutinize SEO consulting, we need to know what responsibilities the person working in this field has. The individual or SEO consulting group has responsibilities like site analysis and review, advice, and guidance to increase backlinks. As a result of these tasks, the client’s site traffic will grow naturally and correctly. As a result of this increase in traffic, the website ranks higher, appears in more searches, and ultimately the number of employer clients increases. As a result, the description of SEO consulting and WordPress SEO consultant has changed and includes much more sophisticated skills. In general, the principal tasks of an SEO consulting team include strategy determination, analysis, integration, and implementation of technical studies, determining content strategy, finding keywords, creating valuable content, and also creating an excellent experience for users. In addition to all these, SEO consulting team should have more important tasks such as:

  • Analytical and critical thinking.
  • Optimize existing relationships between social networks using valuable content.
  •  Create Helpful content for a long time
  •  Succeed in fierce competition between businesses
  •  Study user behavior and interact with them appropriately along with all this.
  • Check the constantly changing algorithm Google like google dance or rank brain.
  • At the same time, with the changes, change their strategy and be able to rank the customer site as high as possible.

You should choose someone with these abilities in their previous work for SEO consulting. However, before selecting a suitable consultant and examining the essential characteristics of an experienced SEO consulting team, you should know the duties of the SEO consulting team completely.


experienced SEO consulting team of smart strategy
experienced SEO consulting team of smart strategy

Tasks of SEO consulting team

Duties, Responsibilities, and job descriptions of the SEO consulting team include a range of marketing tasks in different cyberspace channels for businesses. However, the essential thing during the life of SEO consultants is to achieve the highest rankings in Google search and the appearance of the client’s business site in the search results. To achieve this goal, the SEO consulting team has a very diverse and extensive task, which we will briefly review only the most critical cases in the following:

  • Understand customer marketing goals

    The SEO consultant must understand these items:

  • The customer’s marketing goals
  • The customer’s position in his field of work
  • The specific points of the business
  • The familiarity of the target market with the customer’s brand
  • The customer’s brand advantages over other competitors.

The marketing goals set by the SEO consulting team must be measurable, realistic, and achievable.

  • Site optimization

    The SEO consulting team must do the internal SEO of the site. Internal SEO means setting the headlines, setting the images, evaluating the text structure, and formatting the site links accurately. At the same time, do the site content hierarchy by finding the best keywords and all related activities.

  • Search and analyze keywords

    The SEO consulting team needs to find the best keywords and a suitable strategy to keep the keyword in the search engines. Then find the potential sub-keywords with the least competition and the most impact. Then you can determine your system with their help.

  • Get the highest position in Google.

    A group or person working in SEO consulting should be able to put the customer site in the top 10 of Google search, create new keywords and keep the customer in this rank for a long time.

  • Focus on good user experience

    Website optimization to improve the user experience, reduce site bounce rates, increase site traffic, improve the content provided and increase the click-through rate on inbound links are all part of the SEO consulting team’s tasks.

  • Detecting technical errors in the SEO section and fixing them

    Wrong links, 404 errors, 301/302 errors, duplicate content, incorrect site maps, poor link structure, and low site speed are all SEO technical errors. The SEO consulting team should identify them and have a specific plan to address them.

  • Understanding SEO industry trends

    Individuals and groups working in this position should be well acquainted with efficient techniques and constantly follow the updates of various Google algorithms such as Rankbrain, Caffeine, Hummingbird, Panda, and Penguin. Identify appropriate and inappropriate strategies and use professional experience to prevent spam. In addition, SEO consultants should follow the best blogs in this field, like Search Engine Journal, Semrush Blog, Search Engine Watch, and other related resources; and use their information to increase the efficiency of customers’ sites.

Other skills required for an SEO consultant include:

  • Copywriting skills
  • Creating new content ideas
  • Improving current site content
  • Determining a content strategy
  • Redesigning the site to improve the user experience
  • Implementing the latest SEO techniques
  • Using SEO tools and related software
  • Making sitemaps
  • Focusing on mobile search
  • Determining business strategy on social media
  • Site Security
  • Digital marketing support
  • Site cost budgeting
  • Customer engagement and SEO assurance.

Of course, the tasks of the SEO consulting team are not summarized in these cases, and dozens of other issues are part of the tasks of the individual SEO consulting team for your business.


 seo consulting task
SEO consulting task

Specialized SEO consulting services in a regular agency

SEO consulting services include all the essential items we have reviewed so far, and you already have detailed information about them. First, we will thoroughly examine and share crucial issues such as a clear understanding of the current position, determining the position to be reached, and how to get that position. You should know that in a regular agency, we believe every business is unique; therefore, we plan a specific SEO strategy for each collection.

The following is a list of different types of regular SEO consulting services:

A detailed review of SEO details:

Our team first scrutinizes your website and finds all the sections that need to be optimized and modified. This thorough SEO review will cover all the critical issues such as On-Page optimization, content, Off-Page optimization, HTML review, backlinks, site structure, and more.

Keyword Search:

The regular SEO agency consulting team will find the best keyword and sub-keywords to get the desired ranking to get the most incoming traffic.

Roadmap for success in the SEO process:

Once the detailed SEO review process is complete, the SEO consulting team will have a comprehensive plan to get the most results in the shortest time possible. In this planning, we consider your business’s current position and goals as the most critical planning criteria for both short-term and long-term SEO modes.

SEO Implementation Guide:

In this section, we will help you adopt the best way to implement SEO, provide you with the necessary advice and resources for training, be by your side at every step, and fully explain the reasons for choosing each method and its impact on your success. We will give. In addition, we will monitor site changes, generate content, review HTML, and, of course, monitor the results of the SEO project with you. Our goal is to enable your collection SEO team to execute all the necessary parts for the SEO process.

Competitors SEO Analysis:

If SEO is important to you, your main competitors are probably aware of its importance and are implementing it. Therefore, the regular SEO consulting team will thoroughly analyze and provide you with a detailed analysis of the main competitors of your business, the critical points done in their SEO, the cases ignored by the competitors, and how to use this information. In this regard, we try to provide the best ranking of your field of work to your site by examining competitors’ performance.

Check backlinks:

One of the most important ways for Google to rank sites is to check backlinks and their credibility. That’s why a regular SEO agency consulting team will review all the backlinks on your site and evaluate their positive or negative impact. We will then have a detailed plan to modify, improve or create backlinks to optimize your site ranking and position.

Advice on changing site design:

If you want to change the design of your site, we have to tell you to do it with SEO in mind. The design change is not limited to the site’s appearance and can, at best, increase user visits through SEO improvements or, in the worst case, by creating various problems in SEO, reduce site traffic. Checking customer feedback on the appearance of the site, studying the structure of the site, reviewing the accuracy of the content, providing on-page optimization, and evaluating and determining all backlinks to improve the user experience are just some of the services of the SEO consulting team in the process of changing the site design.

Provide management reports: 

One of the essential parts of successful SEO planning is to evaluate the results obtained and adapt the previous plans to the latest changes in the field of SEO during this process. The regular SEO agency consulting team will provide you with complete reports during which you will understand your ranking, what you are currently doing, and what the next step is in this program. When submitting the information, the regular SEO consulting team will explain these to you and review the plans for the coming months.


Final SEO Consulting Summary

In this article on smart strategy, we speak about SEO consulting. SEO consulting is a long and detailed process. If you do not know the exact details of this process, you will probably be unable to find the best and most effective SEO consulting team. Therefore, in this article, we first describe the essential characteristics of choosing the right group; In this way, with the help of these factors, you can make the best possible choice and choose the best SEO consulting team. If you need a consultation with our SEO strategist or have questions, you can request a free proposal in our smart strategy SEO services or contact us.  visit our linkedin profile to see our content summaries.