Since companies choose inbound marketing to generate more leads, the importance of a practical information nurturing strategy becomes more apparent. In most cases, only a tiny percentage of your incoming leads are ready to buy immediately, and nearly 90% of incoming leads do not lead to a purchase.

Creating an effective lead nurturing strategy can significantly impact the results of your inbound marketing strategy, customer loyalty, returning customers, revenue, and more. In this article, you will learn the concept of lead nurturing and seven great tactics for effective lead nurturing.

In this article on the Smart Strategy blog, we introduce 7 amazing and effective tricks in Lead Nurturing.

Defining the concept of lead nurturing

When an unknown user visits your website and shares information about themselves to become a qualified lead, they are interested in your brand. Nurturing campaigns help marketers build relationships with customers from the beginning of the interaction until they become regular customers.

Since lead nurturing campaigns are supposed to interact with customers individually, creating personalized content (for emails, personal messages, digital ads, etc.) is necessary. By sending content that directly answers the questions and solves the audience’s needs, you can help solve their problems and offer suggestions that lead to sales and create long-term customer relationships.

Lead nurturing is rarely about immediate sales. It’s more about inspiring real engagement and keeping the brand name in the audience’s minds to create a successful and lasting customer lifecycle.


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The importance of leading nurturing

Lead nurturing is very important for your business because these methods and tricks directly affect the audience’s decision to become a customer (make a purchase). For lead nurturing, there are ways such as creating targeted content, using different channels, multiple and timely follow-ups, and personalization.

Despite the benefits of lead nurturing, marketers can get an edge over their competitors by working around the right strategy to implement it effectively.

Seven amazing and effective tricks in the lead nurturing

There are countless lead strategies, but here are 7 of the most effective, regardless of your business type.


Produce targeted content

About lead nurturing, one method doesn’t always work. But experience and studies show that boosting strategically with targeted content can significantly improve work results.

Start by understanding the unique persona of each of your buyers. Then design and create targeted content for each of them based on the characteristics you know, such as interests, goals, etc.

To have better performance in your strategy, it is better to use an automated marketing platform to help you identify, segment, and target each persona.


Use multi-channel lead nurturing techniques.

In the past, most lead nurturing strategies consisted of setting up a simple email campaign that sent out general emails to a list of potential customers. But today, marketers look for new tricks and technologies beyond email lead nurturing. Powerful marketing automation platforms also help savvy marketers implement multi-channel nurturing strategies.

The most effective multi-channel nurturing includes automated marketing, email marketing, social media, paid retargeting, dynamic website content, and direct sales communications. Because there are so many tactics involved, to do it right, you need to make sure your sales and marketing teams are well aligned and working cohesively.


For marketing, focus on several points.

The buyer’s journey can be entirely different for each product or service. Still, research shows that prospects are influenced by an average of 10 marketing points from the time they learn about your brand to when they become customers.

The most successful lead nurturing strategies provide content that addresses potential buyers’ most common questions and concerns to help them navigate their journey optimally. In addition to email, explore how you can use various content types across multiple channels, such as social media, blog posts, articles, or even direct messaging, to nurture your leads.


Follow up on leads promptly.

The benefits of timely follow-up and immediate contact are apparent, but still, most organizations are not quick to follow up. Automated lead nurturing helps you find a large group of potential customers. However, a well-timed email follow-up or a phone call is usually still the best way to convert incoming leads into qualified sales opportunities. The reason is that the chances of converting a pointer into a sales opportunity increase exponentially when contacted immediately after conversion.

A well-timed, planned call with an incoming lead can be much more effective than a large volume of unexpected calls to random audiences. Because based on the behavior of those leads, you know what they are looking for, and you also have basic information about this potential client, based on which you can research what organization he works for and what position he holds. With this, you can act faster and more accurately to meet customers’ needs.


Use lead-scoring tactics

For those unfamiliar with this concept, Lead scoring is used to rank potential customers based on the value each lead brings to the organization.

Lead scoring can be implemented in most automated marketing platforms. This can be done by assigning a numerical value to certain behaviors on a website, interactive events, or even interactions on social media.

The resulting score determines which leads should be followed up directly by the sales rep and which leads should be nurtured further.


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Send personalized emails

Email marketing is still one of the most effective lead nurturing methods. Personalizing these emails leads to better results. Studies and experiences show that many consumers switched to other brands due to the lack of customized messages sent by businesses.

There are many ways to personalize emails to improve your lead nurturing strategy. For example, when a visitor takes action, such as downloading content, clicking a link, viewing certain pages, or engaging in some level of interaction with your website, you can send them a pre-scheduled email.

When you combine the power of personalized marketing with behavioral emails, you’re sending the right marketing message to the right people at the right time.


Align your sales and marketing strategies

Lead nurturing strategies are more successful when sales and marketing align, and customer return rates improve.

For sales and marketing to help with lead nurturing, identify the exact points in the buyer’s journey where the prospect needs to be moved across teams and their needs addressed promptly: for this purpose, different actions such as lead ranking Consider recording workflows and conversion events.

Expectations, responsibilities, and shared goals for this cross-team collaboration should be specified in a marketing and sales agreement (SLA). Creating this SLA (Service Level Agreement) helps both teams to work together to convert leads and effectively nurture them into customers.


Review of 7 powerful and practical tricks in the lead nurturing

In this article, you learned what lead nurturing is; The process of nurturing leads includes purposeful interaction with the target audience by providing relevant offers, supporting them in any way they need, and maintaining a sense of enjoyment in all stages of the buyer’s journey.

  1. Produce targeted content; Create engaging, enjoyable, and entertaining content for your target audience so you can identify qualified leads.
  2. Use multi-channel lead nurturing techniques; Instead of just sending emails, engage and encourage your audience on whatever channel they are on.
  3. Focus on essential marketing points; By combining different types of content in other channels, increase and improve the touch points so that your interactions with the target audience increase as much as possible.
  4. Follow up on leads promptly; Follow up with leaders at the right time to keep them interested in your brand and stay on their minds.
  5. Send personalized emails; Personalize emails and use all the lead nurturing tricks to improve customer retention.
  6. Use lead scoring tactics; Use a lead scoring strategy to determine where to spend your time and which leads to focus on.
  7. Align your sales and marketing strategies; Align sales and marketing teams to improve lead nurturing methods and boost customer return.


If you use some or all of these tricks, your lead nurturing efforts will be practical. So try using these methods on your team today.

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