Keyword ranking in Google is a critical factor in better visibility of your business. With the boom of companies in the digital market, the competition in this field has become more complex. Over time, businesses realized that to succeed online and be seen by customers, they need to improve their site’s ranking in Google results. If we look at the history of the activities carried out in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), we will find that one of the oldest methods of checking the status of site visits was to check the ranking of the site based on keywords only. Now, there are many helpful keyword rank checkers, such as Ahrefs and Semruch, that we are examining in the rest of this article on smart strategy


The importance of Keyword ranking in SEO

With the expansion of internet users and search engines like Google, the site’s visibility in search results has become very important.

Finding keywords and creating content based on them is an essential SEO and site optimization task. The audience doesn’t find your page just by typing your website name. Many people do not know about your business or the name of your website. Even if you are the best online store in the field of selling clothes, when the user does not see your website in the initial list of the search page when the user types the word “dress buying,” you will not have any sales in your business.

From here, the importance of keyword position in Google results is determined. Naturally, the higher your keyword ranking in Google results, the higher the amount of input, and sales, you will experience. In addition, knowing the keyword ranking will help you to make targeted efforts to improve your site’s ranking based on keywords in Google.

Therefore, knowing the keyword position in Google and proper management and planning will significantly improve your site’s rank.

Keyword rank checker and tools 

You will find your site ranking in Google results by checking the rank of keywords related to the field of work. However, the site’s position may be low in relevant keywords or high in some outside of your activity. In this case, consider a suitable strategy to advance your site’s SEO and improve your keyword position based on the reports that special tools provide. 

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. Also, carrying out SEO processes causes changes in the site’s rank in target keywords. Therefore, it becomes crucial to check the keyword ranking in Google substantially.

There are various websites and tools to analyze your website and check the ranking of keywords in Google. Some of these tools have advantages over others. For example, these tools will give you information such as:

  • Site ranking in keywords, 
  • The number of clicks on the pages with targeted keywords, 
  • The most visited page of the website, 
  • Duration of the user’s stay on the site pages, and so on.

Items to consider when choosing tools are:

  • The type of analysis and information it provides.
  • Accuracy of information
  • Provide reports from various categories of audiences
  • Speed of updating 
  • The number of users and its popularity.

In the following, we mention some of these tools’ pros and cons.

Google keyword ranking

Many people check their site’s rank for specific keywords by manually searching Google before jumping to any tools.

It would be best if you used the Incognito tab or private mode. The browser saves cookies and your search history when you usually work on your website. This affects the exact ranking of your website.

But the Incognito or private page does not save your cookies and history. For this reason, it will give you more accurate information.

You can find this page from your browser’s settings under the Incognito or private tab. Among the disadvantages of this method is that it is lengthy and time-consuming.

Also, Google search is based on geographical area. In this way, the IP of your Internet connection indicates the geographical location. This has affected your search, and your keyword ranking may not be correct.

Google search console 

Search Console is one of the most popular tools. The search console provides many information and reports to the user. But for keywords, it will show you a decimal number. This decimal number represents the average rank of your site for a keyword in a certain period. Therefore, you do not have an exact number of keyword ranks and only have access to their average.

search console keyword ranking checker


Advantages: high accuracy of information.

Disadvantages: not showing the exact keywords ranking and only showing its average.


SEMrush position tracking 

Semrush position tracking is a suitable tool for checking the position of keywords. In addition to providing indicators such as Visibility, Estimated Traffic, and Average Position, this report also shows Top Keywords, Positive and Impact. You need to enter your site’s address in the position tracking section to get the information you want.

Advantages: This website will also provide detailed information about your site’s rank by providing the exact site address and list of keywords.

Disadvantages: This tool is not free, and you have to pay a membership fee in dollars to access this tool.

semrush Keyword ranking checker

Ahrefs keyword rank checker

َhrefs is another helpful keyword rank checker. To use this tool, you need to load address. In this section, you need to enter the keyword you want to check, with your website address and country, and check your ranking.

ahref Keyword ranking checker


As you see in the image below, your current position for the exact keyword with DR, UR, backlinks, traffics, domain, and keywords, plus the search results, are shown.

ahrefs position




in this article on the smart strategy, we dive deep into keyword ranking and rank checkers.

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