Understanding natural language for search engines is a complex task, but thanks to Google’s continued investment in artificial intelligence, it has reached a whole new level. In 2021, Google introduced a new Multitask United Model or google MUM. According to the google MUM update, Google has redesigned the search results page with its latest technology based on machine learning. 

Much of MUM’s power and capability comes from the fact that it is a multitasking algorithm that can perform several tasks at once. As a result, there is no need to do jobs one after the other; MUM google is here to do several studies simultaneously. This means that Google mum can read the text, understand the meaning, build deep knowledge about the subject, and use video and audio to enhance and enrich it. 

In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” we introduce Google MUM. In this article on the Smart Strategy blog, we will dive deep into the definition and applications of google MUM update to have more information about that. Please keep us. 


Google MUM: What is Multitask Unified Model?

 MUM is a language model built on the same BERT transformer system introduced in 2019. BERT is a powerful language model that made significant progress at its release. However, the capabilities of the MUM algorithm are increasing: according to Google, it is 1000 times more powerful than the BERT algorithm.

Much of MUM’s power and capability comes from the fact that it is a multitasking algorithm that can perform several tasks at once. There is no need to do jobs one after the other; google MUM is here to do several studies simultaneously. This means that Google’s new update can read the text, understand the meaning, build deep knowledge about the subject, and use video and audio to enhance and enrich it. 

Google MUM uses over 75 languages and translates these findings into multi-layered content to answer complex user questions. All these things are done at once!


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History of google MUM update

Google unveiled the MUM update last year during the Google 2021 event, which was presented to add unique features to the SERP and redesign this page. 

Google claims that with the introduction of artificial intelligence, the quantitative and qualitative process of displaying results to users will take a growing path because of Machine Learning technology, which is constantly investigating and learning user behaviors and feedback. In this regard, the most visible in google MUM is providing solutions such as Google Lens for natural and visual searches to improve the user experience. Undoubtedly, this topic will change the path of SEO sites!


How does google MUM work?

In 2021, Prabhakar Raghavan (one of Google’s specialists) explained how this algorithm works. First, he asked the complicated question, “I’ve conquered Mount Adams, and now I want to climb Mount Fuji next fall; what should I do to prepare?” to show what the MUM algorithm can do. In a typical search session, you must search all the different aspects yourself. Then, once you have everything, you need to combine it to answer all your questions.

Currently, MUM combines insights from many different sources into various aspects of the search. From measuring mountains to recommending rain gear (because autumn is the rainy season on Mt. Fuji) to extracting information from Japanese sources because more content is written in that language about this particular topic.

In complex questions like the above example, it all comes down to the combination of beings, emotions, and the intention to understand the meaning of something. 

Unfortunately, machines have trouble understanding human language, and algorithms like BERT and MUM can almost approximate themselves to natural language.

Google mumMUM goes further by processing language and adding video and images because it can do multiple tasks simultaneously. This makes it possible to create a valuable result that answers the user’s question by providing a whole new piece of content. 

Of course, the ultimate goal of all these updates is to help you get more information – most likely within Google’s domain – with fewer searches. As a result, we have seen a steady increase in valuable results and detailed answers that are becoming more intuitive and prominent every day and available to us in the shortest time. Many of these developments paint the image of Google wanting to answer more of your questions.


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MUM google, wholly based on artificial intelligence 

Google is very quietly becoming a search engine equipped with artificial intelligence. However, even search engine isn’t the right word because it’s more like a knowledge delivery device.

Increasingly, Google opens up ways to enter information from other sources, such as microphones, cameras, televisions, wearables, and smart speakers. As a result, searches and how they are presented must change to achieve all these goals and find a way for machines to behave more logically. For example, a microphone on the fitness tracker should hear your queries and understand them, while the voice assistant should do something with that information and helpfully respond to them.

Understanding language is the key to search engines. Therefore, developing compelling, efficient, and flexible language models that can generate content to provide those answers concisely and naturally will be essential.


Main features of the google MUM 

Google has redesigned the search results page with its MUM update and calls it a new level of powerful engine capabilities. This google MUM activates the “questions about what you see” feature on the Google results page. This feature, which is based on machine learning, carefully examines user feedback and learns their behavior at the same time.

The google MUM update modifies the search results page with three general indicators:

  • Things to know
  • Topic zoom
  • Visually browseable search results

These three indexes provide the most relevant and popular content that users search for, based on a deep search and in the fastest possible time. 

 Things To Know

The first exceptional feature of the MUM Google is to provide more detailed and classified information related to the user’s search topic. Google collects this detailed and completely relevant information with the help of featured snippet data.

With the help of “things to know,” when we search for a topic, we are precisely on the path that will display the best results according to our desire. 

“Things to know” is Like turning the pages of an exciting book or watching a popular series that we can’t postpone reading or watching its next episodes until tomorrow. Machine learning technology has come to provide you with everything you want.

Topic zoom

Google wants to become a massive encyclopedia of information related to our queries and present search results so that the topics related to the first results match the user’s interests. The “Topic zoom” feature allows Google to display results based on the user’s knowledge. 

With this feature, the topics related to users’ searches are not only obtained through content arrays. Instead, it is Google that knows the user and, with the help of AI, takes the users away from disappointing results and puts them on a path that does not stop browsing. This feature guarantees a satisfactory user response from entering Google and a definite purchase for business owners.

 Visually browsable

Visually browsable technology in the Google MUM update helps users understand their ideas with visual and natural data. Google collects the data required for this feature through users’ search history in Google Chrome.

For example, when we look at pictures of spring flowers in Google Chrome, and at the same time, we search on another page with the phrase “ideas for bedroom wallpaper,” Google realizes that we are looking at the picture of spring flowers. We like it, so it shows us a collection of images that have floral designs.

Google talks to the user by putting together the user’s search history and, in this way, communicates with the user’s mind so that the visual data is inspiring and understandable. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

These are just a few fantastic capabilities mum google brings to the search results page.


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The impact of MUM google on online shop 

The MUM google collects online shop search information through structured data and rich snippets and provides it to users. Matt Madrigal, Vice President of Online Stores and Senior Manager of Google Online Business, says:

“We get the information we need directly from the stores, and we also analyze and evaluate how the features of the products communicate.”

Google is always looking for genuine, valid, and accurate data. In this way, only stores can experience SERP-based sales whose content can be well understood and processed by Google structure data.

This is where the importance of up-to-date information, structured data, and rich snippets becomes clear. It is interesting to know that Google also cares about the inventory of your site’s products and the shopping experience of previous customers in the product rating or survey section!


Google MUM update and In-store inventory index for online store

In the previous section, we said that Google wants to use the MUM algorithm to bring products from the online store to the SERP. In this process, stores that have provided complete statistical data through structured data and rich snippets have a greater chance of being seen.

Google has defined an In-store inventory index for MUM google, which analyzes online stores by evaluating the variety and inventory of goods, site availability, user interaction in the comments section, product quality, and continuous sales. In addition to these cases, the google Mum update evaluates other criteria for the In-store inventory index of online stores.


10 In-store inventory indicators for evaluating online stores

  1. Detailed information that is updated in real-time
  2. Mobile-friendly and site optimization for mobile devices (phones and tablets)
  3. The high user experience of the site and core web vitals
  4. Using standard store codes
  5. Sale without time limit on supply
  6. Providing honest and accurate product information
  7. Genuine customer feedback and comments
  8. Available stock
  9. No promotion of out-of-stock products
  10. Easy ways for customers to connect with the store

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MUM updates and Google Lens

One of the most critical technologies that have significantly transformed the search experience is the search for pictures. By adding the MUM updates to Google Lens, Google has used its new technologies to respond to users’ needs and enter a new stage of site ranking.

SOP technology alongside Google Lens allows users to ask Google about what they see and get relevant answers in the form of images. For example, imagine you like a men’s shirt design and looking for socks with the same design.

To bring you the right results, Google searches the entire web using machine learning technology and provides the only images you are interested in with complete information and details. 

With the addition of MUM updates and Google Lens to the Google Chrome desktop, users can select a part of the image they like with google lens and see related photos next to the Google SERP.

The new results are displayed next to the main page because we only cut a part of the content, and our goal is to compare the results, and we may go back to the main page. You’ve probably seen similar technology before on the Pinterest social network.

In total, Google Lens technology and google MUM have changed the search results page. According to Mrs. Elizabeth Hamon Reid, the vice president of Google’s search and user experience engineering team, users can establish a better relationship with the world based on MUM and these three words forever.


inspiration | exploration | purchase


How to prepare for the MUM algorithm

Google’s algorithm will soon act like a human reading and understanding text. So, how can you prepare for this new language model?

First, by adding schema types to your pages, you can give search engines like Google more information about your content. This helps Google understand what’s on a page and qualifies you for higher rankings on its results page. If you don’t have much programming experience, the Yoast SEO plugin can automatically add the necessary structured data to your site.

In addition, you should have good texts that are easy to read and naturally optimized. To get a better ranking from Google, do not fill your text with keywords; try to write something your audience will be encouraged to read. Something new, engaging, and well-structured. Using the possibility of readability analysis in the Yoast plugin can help you. This will give you detailed feedback on your text and what you can improve on it.



In this article from Smart Strategy, we have thoroughly explained google MUM, from its definition to applications, and its effect on the output of search results. Google MUM will change the quality of the search experience and will take the SEO path out of the previous classical rules. In the new space, there is no news of unhealthy competition, black hat techniques, and methods of buying added value to improve the site ranking.

All businesses should bring their products to the results page with rich content, updated information, and professional SEO and enter Google SERP with the help of digital marketing methods. This is not a matter of choice, but the most crucial task of an online business is to supply goods with structured commercial and conceptual data and honest information.

In this article on smart strategy, we thoroughly explain Google MUM. To ensure the correctness of your website performance, you can contact us or send your request from the smart strategy SEO services. 

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