To get the top ranking in Google results, you must do various activities, including a wide range of external and internal SEO. In the article “An Ultimate Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” we introduce external SEO. This article from the Smart Strategy blog lists essential external SEO activities and how to do them. Stay with us.


list of Effective techniques in improving external SEO

1. Fix the problem of broken links

Users do not like to be redirected to other pages or see a 404 error when they visit your site. In the first place, a broken link occurs by changing the URL. If your external link changes the URL, the user will not be redirected to the page.

Another issue with broken links is that you delete your page, so the user can not find the page. Either way, your external link will be ineffective. In such cases, you must change the URL of your external connection.

2. Take reportage ads to other websites to improve external SEO

The most important way to enhance external SEO is to get credible backlinks through reporting. Reportage means preparing content and publishing it on another website. For example, you produce 800-word content titled “Best SEO Services in Vancouver” and then post the content on a high-ranking SEO website.

Many websites that offer advertising and reporting services give you one to three links. You specify the links based on your strategy so that when the content is published, the target users click on the links to use your services and improve your SEO ranking.


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3. Participate in forums

Being active in forums is a great way to get users’ attention. By subscribing to media, you can participate in various topics and refer users to your website by submitting comments.

All you have to do is put a link to the pages of your site that are similar to the topic in question in the comments with a specific anchor text. By doing this, you can get free backlinks for your website. It is only essential that the reference website of which you are a forum member has high domain credibility.


4. Prioritize social bookmarking, which is so vital for external SEO

Social Bookmarking involves searching, saving, and sharing sites or pages that interest you. This is possible through social bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, Reddit, and more.

Tagging on such sites can improve external SEO. People who use such sites and enter your website can become loyal customers and users. You can also add social bookmark buttons to your site (in articles) to simplify the external SEO process.


5. Share your pictures

Image Submission is another crucial external SEO method used today because visual content is very popular with users. Posting an image is about creating specific images, such as infographics, and sharing them on various sites.

Choosing the best image file format, image size, description, image alter text, and more are essential in sending photos. Examples of image-sharing sites include Flicker and Photobucket.


6. Publish your articles

Specific sites, such as Scribd, SlideShare, and others, accept PDF documents to help users look for articles on particular topics. This is called document submission.

Submitting a document on related and popular topics is a great way to attract target users. Using comprehensive content and including specific keywords, and submitting them to relevant websites (introduced above) are other external SEO tricks that can be used.


7. Collaborate with influencers

As the name implies, an influencer is someone who can influence user behavior or purchase decisions. Influencers may have a lot of fans on various social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram marketing and can effectively promote your brand.

Posting video content on influencer pages can lead users to your social media pages and then click on the links you put in them. For example, placing a link in the story of a famous influencer and users clicking on the link will result in backlinks.


8. Pay attention to social networks to improve your external SEO

A good profile on social media can help improve external SEO. Creating unique content for social media, interacting with users, informing about your services, handling requests or complaints, and sharing viral content are all important social media marketing activities. You can put the link to your pages in your Facebook posts or your Instagram story and get free backlinks with every click.


9. Use the newsletter on your website

Newsletters are perhaps the simplest and most overlooked technique in external SEO. Informing users about the latest articles or services by subscribing to the newsletter and sending emails is an easy and effective way to improve external SEO.

Make your email address attractive so users will have trouble opening the email! Because most people not only do not open every email but also delete them from their inbox quickly.


10. Generate a podcast

Not all audio content, such as podcasts, has been considered an essential element of SEO by Google until recently, but today Google’s approach has changed. Therefore, knowing the strategies for creating SEO-compatible podcasts can significantly help your external SEO strategy.

Google can now recognize keywords by voice. It can also help you promote your podcasts organically to get more search engine rankings. Choosing a podcast title that appeals to both Google and users is also essential.


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Types of links for external SEO

The following are the types of off-page SEO links:

  • Natural Links

Natural links are when you publish content on other websites through reportage ads or create backlinks through Wikipedia. The links in this content are naturally known because users click on the links in the report by searching on Google or referring to the relevant website.

  • Built Links

Manual links are links that are manually generated. This means that one must be a guest on free content websites such as commas and create a link by publishing and placing links in your content. Then, this content is searched through Google search.

  • Created Links

As the name implies, the links created by the site owner make search engines think that their connections are relevant and essential. There are various types of backlinks, such as linking to a forum or comments in blog articles that may have good or bad backlinks.


What are the benefits of external SEO for a website?

Undoubtedly, external SEO (alongside internal SEO) effectively improves site ranking and domain credibility. For this reason, here are some specific benefits of external SEO:

  • Rise in Google results

External SEO can help brands increase their ranking in Google results. The higher your rank, the more traffic your site receives, and the higher your sales.

  • Increase PageRank

PageRank is different from ranking in Google results. PageRank refers to a numerical score between 0 and 10 from websites to Google. PageRank is determined based on several criteria, including user experience, quality, and the number of links used.

  • Strengthen brand identity

Brand development from in-house SEO will take time, especially for starting businesses. For this reason, these businesses are turning to external SEO to improve their SEO ranking and introduce their brand to the target users.


How can we avoid the punishment of unnatural links?

Linking can significantly affect the performance of your website. However, this is a double-edged sword because unnatural backlinks can lead to Google penalties. Google’s penalties can significantly deter websites as they undermine ranking improvement strategies.


In this article on smart strategy, we speak about the importance of external link building. Over the past few years, Google has considered getting backlinks from reputable websites essential. Still, today Google, along with reputable backlinks, pays more attention to producing user-friendly content. Therefore, it is necessary that your content serves the user and not just the search engines, then improve your external SEO by creating anchors of natural texts and various links. If there is any question, please get in touch with a free proposal from our smart strategy SEO services.

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