Today, advertising has become one of the most effective ways to earn money and is one of the critical factors of your success among competitors. The requirement to win this competition, especially in online advertising, is your customers’ participation and interaction, for example, after the application’s installation or any other targets you have. You can use ads to encourage your customers to keep in touch with your business after visiting your website, installing apps, buying products, etc. CPA stands for “Cost Per Action” is one of the advertising methods to attract new customers and pay per activity by the user. In this advertising model, the advertiser will only pay to display the ad to attract users and perform a specific action within the app. In the rest of this article on smart strategy, we will introduce cost-per-action advertising or CPA, its pros and cons, and implementation tips.


Pros and cons of CPA advertising

The Cost Per Action model is much more targeted than other online advertising models. The following are the advantages of this advertising model:

  1. CPA has less risk than some other online advertising models. In this advertising model, the advertiser receives an amount for each action.
  2. Tracking the campaign and calculating ROI in CPA advertising campaigns is easier.
  3. Cost Per Action gives advertisers freedom.
  4.   The customer lifetime value (CLV) of those attracted in this way is higher because they will interact with your app over time.
  5. If the audience is targeted correctly and monitored, it will likely attract loyal and high-quality users, who are more accessible to earn than others.
  6. With the help of the Cost Per Action payment model, also known as cost per participant, it is possible to measure users’ participation.

user participation


In the above cases, we discussed some of the advantages of CPA advertising, but we must keep in mind that this model, despite its many strengths, can also have weaknesses, which we will discuss below.


  1. The probability that a consumer will see an ad for the first time and immediately do what is expected of him is low because advertisements will be effective if many visitors see them.
  2. In the CPA model, the advertiser may no longer be able to follow their customers and inform their audience on a larger scale.


Tips for Cost Per Action ads implementation


1. Determine the action according to your goal.

CPA refers to the cost of attracting customers or campaigns willing to pay; In this way, you can define the desired action based on the needs and goals of the business and monitor and increase the interactions and participation of customers with your business through it.

cost optimization


2. Determining the stage and rate of business growth

Is your business at a stage where making a profit is your priority? Or you are at a stage where you can skip profit and instead be better and more visible. Again, accurate definitions of goals and existing risks play a fundamental role.


3. Amount of marketing budget for cost per action ads

Consider your budget. If you have a limited budget, spending it all on advertising is unnecessary. Instead, you can spend it on other business goals if you face budget constraints and expand your campaigns when your budget increases.


4. Selecting the right marketing network for cost per action

Select the marketing network that suits your needs and explain the financial affairs, media channels, etc., during the contract. Choosing the right marketing network is vital in quickly approaching your business goals.


5. Use the right ad provider.

Monitor your ad campaign(s). Affiliate marketing, click advertising campaigns, and content marketing have different results. Choose the best model for your business according to your business type and product. Using the most famous campaigns may give you different results, so identify and choose the most suitable campaign for your business through trial and error.



Cost-per-action advertising (CPA) like other online advertising methods such as PPC vs CPC, can be a good option for small companies with low budgets. Using CPA, you can be sure that no matter how much you spend on advertising, it will return on your investment. Usually, the budget for Cost Per Action advertising is different for each business. Therefore, it cannot be said that assuming a large budget will necessarily lead to a better result or that spending less money will not bring the desired outcome and return. Due to the expansion of the advertising world and the high demand for businesses to run online advertising campaigns, online advertising models are changing and improving. Each of these advertising models has its advantages and disadvantages. It will be up to you to choose any advertising model, but in the end, the risk of some campaigns is lower than others.

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